Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

21st April 2015

Tweezerman are my absolute favourite brand when it comes to tweezers and in my opinion, they do the best tweezers full stop. I’ve tried so many different brands of Tweezers over the years but nothing compares to Tweezerman so when I noticed that they have a Tweezerman Ambassador Programme for bloggers and vloggers, I knew I had to apply as I’m such a big fan of the brand.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

I think it’s amazing that a brand like Tweezerman recognise the value of bloggers/vloggers by creating this scheme and they’ll choose a selection of members to receive their new and exciting products, so I was excited when I was approved as a member.. and even more excited when I opened my parcel.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the incredible Tweezerman Belt packed with their tools.. it was heaven let me tell you, and I’ve been loving trialling everything out and exploring the other products that Tweezerman do in addition to Tweezers.

The first item is the Tweezerman ProCurl Lash Curlers £20.95* which is a beautiful rose gold colour. The Lash Curlers come with a little pot of three replacement pads for the curler which I think is amazing and something I’ve never received with previous lash curlers.

The ProCurl is said to be designed with unique control with a large opening, with reworked angles to create an excellent, pinch proof access to lashes and the narrow top bar is designed to fit most eye shapes. Whenever I use lash curlers, I’m always worried about them pinching my eyelids as it really hurts and I have to agree, I’ve not had any pinching whatsoever with these curlers which makes them a winner in my book alone.

It might be a strange thing to comment on, but I really like how thick and spongy the pad is on the lashes as it cushions your lashes whilst they’re being curled so it’s more comfortable and I find the curl it gives my lashes is exactly that.. a curl, instead of creating peculiar kinks.

I also like the design of the handle, with the double bar that curls round for the finger holes.. it gives good grip to the curlers which makes me a lot less nervous about slipping as they really do sit securely on your fingers whilst curling.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

Next is the Tweezerman Neon Filemates £6* which is a three pack (I got two of the three designs) of files as well as a plastic case. The neon colours are fab and they’d be easy to find in an handbag as the colours are so bold.

These files have 100/180 grits which means they’re great for filing natural nails as well as the medium filing of acrylic files too. I think £6 is such great value for three large nail files and a case.. the case is such a genius idea for keeping your file protected inside your bag, and they’re really good files too.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme
Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

When I saw the Tweezerman Brow Mousse £11*, I was expecting a tinted brow gel with a mousse-like consistency but I was surprised as it’s actually clear. Tweezerman describe their Brow Mousse as being a lightweight styling gel that shapes and tames the brows with longlasting hold without stickiness or flaking.

The brush is a mascara sized wand and the gel is very lightweight like the claims, it doesn’t feel ‘wet’ like other brow gels I’ve tried and I like that the brush isn’t loaded with product either so you can go back and add more gel should you need to.

Once the gel sets, it doesn’t leave my brows feeling hard or crispy which I’ve very pleased with. I really would love if Tweezerman did tinted Brow Mousse with this formula as I imagine they’d be very popular indeed.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

The next item within my kit is the Tweezerman Pushy and Nail Cleaner £15* which is such a little gem to have, and I find myself using it everyday since I got it. It’s a 2-in-1 tool with a ‘pushy’ cuticle pusher at one end, and the other end is a nail cleaner for keeping your nails clean and neat.

I’ve tried other nail cleaners and they tend to have a sharp point which can be painful, but the polished cleaner effectively cleans the nails without knicking or pulling the skin away from your nails. It’s such a simple tool but it is so effective at pushing my cuticles back without scratching my nails, and keeping the underside of my nails free from dust and debris which is essential for those with long nails in particular.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme
Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

When I saw the Tweezerman Grip & Snip Spiral Spring Cuticle Nipper £30* for the first time, I was a little overwhelmed as it’s quite big. The looped spring handle ensures maximum precision and no-slip grip which is essential with blades as sharp as these.. just look at how sharp they are.

I cannot even begin to describe how effective these nippers are at snipping loose cuticles and hangnails.. in just one tiny snip, they’re completely gone. I’m awful at picking at my hangnails especially when I’m stressed, and it always ends up in them bleeding and being sore for days but these are incredible as I simply snip as soon as I see one and it’s gone without inflaming the skin, or leaving any scratches or cuts like some cuticle cutters do.

I know that these are a pricey investment to make but if you’re a ‘picker’ like me and you end up making your fingers/nails look awful, I cannot recommend these enough as they’re the best cuticle nippers I’ve tried and my nails look so much better for it.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

When it comes to cutting my fingernails, I always use scissors as I like how much control I have with scissors, so I was very happy to see the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Nail Scissors £22.95* within the kit as the scissors I had been using were very basic.

These scissors are very sharp, with great curved blades which are perfect for cutting the finger nails and they’re heavy duty enough for the toe nails too. The stainless steel blades have been cut in a way that that they are guaranteed to stay sharp too, so you have peace of mind knowing that they’re not going to go blunt within say six months of use.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

This Tweezerman Combo Clipper Set £13* is such great value as it contains both a large toenail clipper and a smaller fingernail clipper in a sleek, matte black and silver design. Both of the clippers have precision blades for sharp cutting, and they really are sharp and make light work of clipping the nails.

I’ve given the smaller clipper to my other half to use on his fingernails as I said above, I prefer nail scissors for my fingernails but the nail clippers are without a doubt the best I’ve tried and take very little pressure due to how sharp the blades are. I know toenails aren’t exactly pleasant to talk about, but this is a fantastic little duo and the blades are so sharp that they don’t leave rough edges behind.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

I was so excited when I spotted this Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors and Brush £22* as I’ve been contemplating buying it the last couple of weeks – fate or what. The scissors have a custom contoured body which is designed for comfortable manoeuvring around the brows.

The scissors have super sharp, ultra-thin blades so you can isolate each hair with optimum accuracy and control, especially with the spoolie brush which helps to hold the hairs whilst your trim. The shape of these scissors really is fantastic as you get up close to your brows, and shape them. I think this duo might be my favourite item from the whole kit, it’s just superb for shaping the brows.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

The kit included two pairs of Tweezerman’s iconic tweezers, firstly the Tweezerman Point Tweezers £21.95* which are the sharpest, pointiest tweezers I’ve ever seen. The Point Tweezers feature perfectly aligned, hand finished, ultra sharp points that are designed to grab the smallest of hairs with ease, and the finely tapered designed is ideal for stubble, ingrown hairs and baby fine brow or facial hairs.

I’ve been loving these tweezers for catching the pesky ingrown hairs, but you can even use them for splinters. You really can tell how much work has gone into shaping them, they’re of incredibly quality.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

Alongside the Point Tweezers, I also got the Tweezerman Animal Print Slant Tweezers £22.95* in the zebra print. The Tweezerman Slant Tweezers are multi-award winning and have been going for over 30 years.

I’ve had my current pair of Slant Tweezers for nearly three years now as they’re genuinely as sharp as they were the day I bought them.. they really are worth their money and whatsmore, Tweezerman offer free sharpening of their tools, so if yours were to blunt a little, you could have them resharpened for free which is such a great offer.

The Slant Tweezers are slanted so they grip every hair, with the smoothest precision and I love that they can pick up multiple hairs in one go too if you’re short on time or lazy like me. I never find that brow hairs snap whilst using Tweezerman tweezers as they’re the sharpest, precise tips and they really go hold onto the hair securely whilst you’re tweezing it – serious holy grail product!

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme

The last item within my Tweezerman belt is the Tweezerman Folding iLashcomb £9.50*, which is an handy little comb with super sharp, gold plated teeth to glide through the lashes to remove excess mascara without clumping.

I have a few lash combs and the teeth are much thicker than those on this comb, and they tend to make the curl in my lashes drop but the these teeth are tapered and very sharp so they remove excess mascara without making my lashes drop, or causing ugly clumps. I really like that it folds away and is so compact and I use it everytime I apply mascara as it offers such good separation without removing my mascara.

I seriously cannot thank Tweezerman UK enough for this amazing belt, I am so grateful and I’ve loved trying all of these products out. Tweezerman are known for their fantastic tweezers, but they have so many other great products, and there wasn’t one disappointing within the whole kit. If you love Tweezerman and you’re a blogger/Vlogger, I’d recommend applying for the Tweezerman Ambassador Programme, as you could be lucky like me to be chosen to join and discover some new Tweezerman gems.

Tweezerman Ambassador Programme 1
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