Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush

29th April 2015

Zoeva‘s highly coveted makeup brushes are featuring on so many beauty blogs right now, and I myself love them, but I also love their makeup range which isn’t getting as much praise as I think it should be. The first product I bought from the Zoeva makeup range is the Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush for just £8.50 from Cult Beauty. There are six different shades available in the Luxe Color Blush line, each containing a generous 8 grams of product.

Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush
Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush

The Zoeva Luxe Color Blushes are powder blushes packaged within black, plastic square compacts with a mirror within the lid. Considering how affordable they are at just £6.95, I was surprised at how good quality the packaging is.. it’s so sturdy and sleek, with a design on the lid.

Other drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Revlon have blushes at this same price point, but the packaging is really flimsy and cheap. I think this Zoeva blush looks like it could be from an high-end brand, especially as the mirror has Zoeva printed along the bottom.

Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush
Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush

I chose the Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush as it’s described as being a “light pink with blue undertones and a satin finish” which is my absolute favourite shade and finish of blush, so I knew it had to be the first shade I snapped up. The blush has the most amazing, velvety texture that feels like a cream as it’s so incredibly smooth and finely milled.

The pigmentation of Gentle Touch is so impressive.. you only need to tap your brush into the powder very gently to pick up the perfect amount of blush and its soft texture makes it a dream to apply and blend.

The description for Gentle Touch is absolutely spot on.. it’s the perfect shade of pink for my skintone in that it’s not too pale and insipid, but imparts a gorgeous glow to my cheeks that looks so natural, especially with the satin finish. I can’t rave about the packaging, formula and shade enough, and I really can’t get my head around the fact that they’re only £6.95 each.. I definitely need to purchase the other shades, as I’ve never tried a powder blush (even highend) that I’ve loved as much as this one.

Zoeva Luxe Color Gentle Touch Blush 1
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