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Freedom Makeup Haul

If you’re active on social media, you’ll be well aware that the makers behind Makeup Revolution have recently launched a new brand; Freedom Makeup which describe themselves as a “new professional makeup brand with high quality products at affordable prices”. I was lucky enough to be sent a small selection of their products prior to their launch and I’ve been so impressed with the quality that I swiftly placed an order on the website for more products. 

Freedom Makeup Haul

I’ve seen a few negative comments about how similar the Freedom products are to Makeup Revolution’s products but the products were always going to be similar.. they’re made by the same brand.

In regards to Freedom being a supposed ‘professional’ makeup brand, I can’t honestly say the quality of the products is on par with a professional brand like MAC or Illamasqua. However for the low budget prices we are paying for the products, the quality is pretty good and well worth a look..

Freedom Makeup Haul

Now eyeshadow palettes are my weakness so I did order a fair few of them as they all looked so stunning, and I love the Makeup Revolution eyeshadow palettes. I ordered three of their Pro 12 Palettes; Pro 12 Audacious Mattes Palette, Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Palette and the Pro 12 Le Fabuleux Palette – all of which are just £4 each.

I also bought the Pro Correct Palette as I love their Concealer Palette I reviewed here, which was just £5. The last palette I got was the Pro Shade & Brighten Stunning Rose Kit which was £2.50 which is crazy considering it contains seven shadows.

I’m hoping these shadows swatch and apply as beautifully as they look, and I much prefer the packaging on the 12 pan palettes from Freedom with the larger rectangular pans, as the thin and narrow pans in the Makeup Revolution palettes aren’t the most user friendly. I do love the embossed design on the shadows too.. it’s very obviously ‘inspired’ by the design of the NARS Dual Intensity Shadows.

Freedom Makeup Haul

I love the Makeup Revolution highlighters so when I saw that Freedom Makeup had two Pro Highlight Glow highlighters, I knew I had to try them although I now think they’re probably identical to the Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Blushing Hearts Highlighters.

I really hope they’re not identical as it’d be a waste of £3 each but I’ll do a comparison post soon with swatches of both products to see if they’re identical. I’d like to think that Freedom haven’t just repackaged the Blushing Hearts highlighters to sell as part of Freedom as that’d be pretty unfair on their customers.

I also bought the Pro Glow Pink Cat Powder £2.50 as it looked really pretty from the photo on the website, and I loved the leopard print packaging. I already own the Pro Glow Roar Powder and in all honesty, it’s not the prettiest of shades (review will be coming shortly) so I hope this one will be a lot nicer than Roar.

Freedom Makeup Haul

I also bought one of the Freedom Makeup Pro Blushes in the shade True Loved £1, the Professional Fixing Spray £3.50, the Pro Primer £4, a Pro Lipstick in Wildflower £1 and two of the Pro Nails Polishes in the shades 410 and 415 which are £1 each. I really wanted to get a wide selection of products so I could compare the formulas between Makeup Revolution and Freedom. So far, I will definitely say that the Freedom Nail Polishes are miles better than those from Makeup Revolution, and the Concealer Palette from Freedom is much better than that from Makeup Revolution but I’m interested to see how everything else compares?

I’m really looking forward to giving all of these products from my Freedom Makeup Haul, a try and reporting back which I loved/liked and potentially disliked. If you’ve tried any Freedom Makeup products and can recommend any thing or a shade in particular, please let me know in the comments below…

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