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Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette Review / Swatches

Freedom Makeup only launched a few weeks ago, and they’re already created a massive social media buzz. I was very kindly sent a selection of their products prior to their launch to try out, and I’ve been so impressed that I’ve already made two orders, as I’m dying to try more of their products. One of the products I was kindly sent was the Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette which retails for a mere £5, and is available in four shades; Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Dark and Dark, and they also have a Colour Correct Palette too. I was sent the Light Pro Conceal and Correct Palette, which I assumed would be too dark for my very pale skin but it’s in fact a very good match.

Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

The concealers and correctors are packaged within a compact, plastic square palette with a clear lid which is great if you happen to own more than one palette, so you can easily tell them apart. The palette is very lightweight, but it’s sturdy enough to be carried around in a makeup bag.

There’s no mirror within the palette which might bother some people, but it doesn’t bother me.. I appreciate that they’ve kept the packaging as compact and minimal as possible, and kept the price down too.

Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

The Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette contains six sizeable 1g pans in a range of shades to conceal and correct the skin. I particularly like that the palette contains a mix of tones, so this palette would suit both warm and cool toned pale/light skin.

In all honesty, I wasn’t sure that I’d like this palette, as the concealers looked a little waxy in the palette but I couldn’t have been more wrong; they’re not at all waxy or greasy.. they’re the perfect consistency in that they’re creamy, but they’re not too creamy that they just blend away into nothing.

Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

The first three shades within the Light Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette, include a pale slightly warm toned shade, a warm light orange shade and a pale pink. The first shade is the perfect shade for concealing blemishes for my skintone, the second shade is ideal for using as a corrector under the eyes to counteract any darkness, as its orange tone helps to neutralise the discolouration.

The third pinky shade is my go-to shade for brightening, so again for under the eyes or any other parts of my face that need a little brightening action. All three shades are super creamy, and blendable.. I would have liked the first shade to have a touch more coverage, but I love using it to cover minor imperfections, or acne scarring. I do need to use a concealer with better coverage for covering blemishes, but that’s just down to my personal preference.

Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette

On the bottom row, we have a paler orange which again could be used under the eyes to counteract any dark circles, but also could be used as a concealer if the shade directly above is too pale, or could be blended in with any of the other shades within the palette to create a custom shade. The middle shade on the bottom row is quite a strong yellow toned concealer/corrector, so this would be ideal for correcting sallow skin, or lightening any dark areas of hyperpigmentation or discolouration.

The final shade in the palette is a green toned yellow shade which at first, I had no idea how to use, but I’ve found that it’s really great at counteracting the redness of my blemishes before I go ahead and apply my concealer.

The beauty of this palette is that there are no rules, and you can mix any of the shades together to create whatever shades you need. With my pale skin, I do struggle with finding concealers that match my skintone so I’m incredibly impressed that I can use all six of these shades within the palette.

It’s also amazing as you can make custom concealer/corrector shades throughout the year, to match your skintone if you were to get a tan, or in my case; a million freckles, as I never tan. This Freedom Makeup Pro Conceal and Correct Palette is my favourite product I’ve tried from Freedom so far, and I’ve ordered their Pro Correct Palette as I’m so impressed with this palette.

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