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NIVEA SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

The Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection consists of five different products, two of which are brand new additions; the Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Tan Activating Protecting Oil and Nivea SUN Protect & Bronze Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion.

The Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze Collection doesn’t contain any self tan whatsoever, it contains the active ingredient Pro Melanin which supports the skin’s natural tanning process.

Whilst also offering a highly effective system of UVA/UVB filters that protect the skin immediately upon application.

NIVEA SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

I’ve been trialing the collection, and the products I’ve had the pleasure of testing are; Tan Activating Sun Spray SPF10, Tan Activating Protecting Oil SPF20, Tan Activating Sun Lotion SPF30, Face Sun Cream SPF30 and the Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion.

Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

The Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Tan Activating Sun Spray is available in SPF10, SPF20 and SPF30 and costs £16.99.

This spray is described as extra light, non-greasy and moisturizing with an ultra-effective UVA/UVB filter system which protects the skin immediately after application, which I like as most sun creams need to have a minimum of 20-30 minutes of being on the skin before you expose yourself to the sun.

This Sun Spray is water-resistant, so it would be ideal if you’re planning on going swimming or in the sea on holiday as your skin would continue to be protected.

The pump sprays a fine mist, and it really is lightweight and absorbs almost instantly. I would never use an SPF10 as I’m super pale, but I’d be interested in the SPF30 version.

Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

The Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Tan Activating Protecting Oil is available in SPF20 and SP30 and retails for £14.99.

This oil has a silky and moisturizing formula, which is also water-resistant. I’m always a little skeptical about using oils as a sun protection method, but I’ve really grown to like them providing they contain a high SPF.

I would never wear less than an SPF30 as I’m very pale with freckles, and sadly skin cancer runs through my family, so I never take any chances when it comes to sun protection. This oil is too low for me SPF wise, so I’ve given it to my other half as he’s no way near as pale as me, and he actually tans.

The very first day he used this oil, you could see a considerable change in the color of his skin from using this oil, which is amazing, and he’s so impressed. This oil doesn’t leave the skin super shiny like the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Comfort Nutritive Oil does, so this would be great for both men and women.

Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

Next up is the Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Tan Activating Sun Lotion, which is available in SPF20 and SPF30 and retails for £14.99.

This is the perfect SPF for my skintone as it’s a 30, and the one I’ve been using daily. This lotion has an almost gel-like consistency, which is very lightweight and is quick to absorb and doesn’t leave my skin or hands feeling at all greasy.

Just like the first two Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze products, this is also water-resistant, and I just love how lightweight it is on my skin, as I feel like my skin can still breathe whilst I’m wearing it, and it doesn’t leave me feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

I hate being able to feel my sun protection products on my skin, and how heavy some suncare products are. That’s not an issue with this particular sun lotion. It feels lovely and lightweight. 

Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

The Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Face Cream is available in SPF30 and SPF50 and retails for £10.49.

Described as having a light, non-greasy moisturizing formula that does not block pores. I find it hard to find good facial SPF’s for wearing underneath makeup, as they can be too greasy, or my makeup doesn’t sit nicely on the top.

This lotion is quite thick, and it does take a few minutes for it to fully absorb into the skin, so I tend to do my eye makeup whilst I wait for it to absorb before applying any of my face makeup.

Once it has completely absorbed, it doesn’t leave my face feeling tacky or greasy; it feels quite dry without feeling chalky like some facial SPF’s feel like.

Now I never ever tan, I just get more freckles, but I have definitely noticed that my face has gotten a tiny bit of color since wearing this, so if you’re wanting to tan naturally, you really must try this facial SPF, especially as it has great protection at the same time.

Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Collection

As well as the sun protection I’ve been trialing, I have also been testing the Nivea SUN Protect and Bronze Tan Prolonging After Sun Lotion.

Which contains natural pro-melanin plant extract, and is proven to help prolong a tan without peeling or flaking. It has a soothing formula to soothe any sunburn, and prevent the skin from dehydration.

This Nivea Bronze Sun Cream is another gel-like lotion, which feels amazing and cooling on the skin, especially when kept in the fridge.

The lotion has quite a strong, fresh and almost masculine fragrance when first applied, but it does dissipate after being applied.