Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

23rd July 2015

When I saw the new Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015 I was instantly excited. It’s quite a small collection to previous seasons, but it’s a real versatile collection that will flatter all skin tones, and I imagine it’s going to one of Clarins‘ most popular collections to date. The collection includes a beautiful palette; the Pretty Day 5 Colour Eyeshadow Palette, which contains five gorgeous neutral shades which I’ll be adding to my collection as soon as the collection launches in August as the pigmentation looks incredible.

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

I have a few products form the collection to show you, and all swatches will be at the bottom of the post…

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

The Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadows are my favourite Clarins makeup product, so I was excited to see that they were releasing two new shades as part of their Autumn Collection. The two new shades are Carbon and Heather, and I have the shade Carbon £19.

I’ve already featured a few shades of the Clarins Ombre Matte Eyeshadows here, but they’re an amazing cream to powder eyeshadow formula with super intense pigmentation, and I love them and recommend them to everyone. Carbon is a very dark grey which is bordering on black with silver shimmer particles, and is so buttery and smooth in terms of texture. I think this will be so ideal for Autumnal and Winter smokey eyes, as it’s dark yet sparkly.

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

The next item from the Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015 that I have, is the Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipstick £19.50 in the shade Red Paprika, but there is another shade called Tawny Rose as part of the Autumn Collection. The Clarins Rouge Eclat Lipsticks offer long-lasting colour with a Nutri-Youth Complex which protects the lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, whilst Vitamin E protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes provide instant comfort.

Firstly, the packaging is gorgeous.. with gold metal casing, and a clear plastic lid which just feels so luxe when you’re applying. Red Paprika is a dark, almost burnt red shade which has a creamy formula like a lip butter except it has the pigmentation of a lipstick.

The lipstick has a lovely fruity scent, and it feels so creamy and comfortable on the lips and it’s relatively long lasting considering how smooth and buttery the formula is, with a wear time of around four hours depending on eating/drinking.

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

The Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015 includes two Crayon Khôl Eyeliner Pencils £17; Carbon Black and True Violet, and I have the True Violet shade which is a metallic deep purple which is just so pretty, and I have been loving wearing it along my lower lashline for a subtle, jewel-toned pop of colour.

The formula isn’t the creamiest I’ve ever tried, but it soon warms up once on contact with the skin. The pencil has a natural hair blending brush on the other end of the pencil which is such a great inclusion as it blends the pencil beautifully, which I find prolongs the weartime of the liner too.

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

Eyebrow fans will be pleased to hear that the collection includes three shades of Eyebrow Pencil £17; Dark Brown, Light Brown and Soft Blonde. I have the lightest shade from the trio which is Soft Blonde, which isn’t too pale surprisingly as you can see from the swatches below. My brows are naturally dark, but I can still manage to pull off this shade on the days where I want a more natural brow.

The pencil has the perfect consistency in that it’s quite hard, but it’s soft enough that you can draw individual brow-like strokes through your brows to build up intensity, and it’s not too waxy that you wipe your whole brow off should you accidentally touch them (we’ve all been there). It also has an handy spoolie on the opposite end for blending the pencil, and styling your brows which I love and as far as spoolies go, this is a really good one as it’s nice and firm.

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015

So there are a few of the gems from the Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015, I’d love to know which is your favourite product from the collection? Will you be making a purchase once the collection launches in August?

Clarins Autumn Makeup Collection 2015 1
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