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Zoeva Eye Brushes

I am seriously obsessed with Zoeva right now, and they’ve fast become my favourite makeup brush brand. Until I discovered the magic that is, the Zoeva makeup brushes, I used to swear by Sigma eyeshadow brushes but Zoeva’s brushes are so much better quality and they’re so affordable too. I have quite a large collection of Zoeva brushes and I want to review them all for you so today I’m starting with the very first four Zoeva Eye Brushes I purchased.

Zoeva Eye Brushes Review

I purchase my single Zoeva Eye Brushes from Cult Beauty as they offer quick UK delivery on orders over £15.

Zoeva Eye Brushes

Zoeva 322 Brow Line Brush £7.99

I bought this brush with a view to use it with the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, but it has a fair few uses. The bristles are slightly angled, and are very short and dense but as the brush head is so thin and narrow, it’s amazing for creating precise hair-like strokes throughout the brows. The angled shape also makes the brush perfect for eyeliner as it does all of the hard work for you as you can drag along your lashline for the perfect line.

I love how short and stiff the bristles are, as they make eyeliner so easy as they don’t move around too much but glide over the contours of the eye. I haven’t got any other brushes like this in my collection, but it’s an amazing brush and I’ve bought a second one so I can use one for my brows and one for liner. It works well with cream, powder and gel products and the bristles are cruelty free Taklon bristles which are so quick and easy to clean.

Zoeva Eye Brushes

Zoeva 227 Luxe Soft Definer £8.99

This is Zoeva’s answer to the MAC 217, and is the perfect blending brush. The bristles are a flat and oval shape which fits perfectly into the crease for blending crease and transition shades. The bristles of this brush are made from super soft goat hair, but Zoeva do a vegan version of this brush which is such an amazing idea and it’s called the 227v which has synthetic bristles.

I like that the brush head is quite compact and rounded so it moves through the crease easily, diffusing colour very well. I really want to get a couple of backups of this brush as I use it every single day with every makeup look and if I had to recommend one Zoeva brush it would be this one as it’s just so useful, and it makes your eyeshadow look so polished and blended. The price is incredible, especially as the MAC 217 is £20 so you could get nearly three of these Zoeva brushes for the price of one MAC 217 which is crazy.

Zoeva Eye Brushes

Zoeva 225 Eye Blender £8.99

This is another natural brush with natural (squirrel) bristles, but the bristles on this brush are a little stiffer and they aren’t as soft as the 227 brush. The bristles of this brush are more domed compared to the 227 so it’s a little more precise at blending, and the stiffness really helps to blend.

I would describe this brush as being a slightly fluffier version of a pencil brush, and I particularly like using it for blending colour through the outer crease or for gently blending shadows on top of eachother. This brush has a little more control compared to the 227, and you can use it for blending along your lower lashline or even for packing colour onto the lid.

Zoeva Eye Brushes

Zoeva 232 Classic Shader Brush £8.99

I bought this brush a couple of months ago, but from what I can see they’ve changed the bristles since I bought it as they’re now white but apart from that the 232 is exactly the same. The bristles are a mixture of synthetic and natural, and are shaped into a thin, dome shape and are ideal for packing colour onto the eyelids.

The rounded edge allows for precision around the crease, and along the lashline and the brush works well for both powder and cream shadows thanks to the mixture of synthetic and natural bristles. Due to the flatness of the brush, it could work well for applying pigments or loose shadows as it can press shadow onto the lids and I like to use the edge of the bristles for adding shadow along my lashline as it’s quite precise. These bristles are soft, but I imagine the new 232 with the white bristles will be super soft just like the 227 so I’d be interested to see how the new version compares.

I am so impressed with all four of these Zoeva Eye Brushes.. they’re all essentials in my everyday makeup routine, and the quality is incredible. I have never experienced any shedding with any of my Zoeva brushes, and they all wash amazingly well and retain their shape wash after wash.

I really love that all of the Zoeva Eye Brushes when bought individually, come packaged in individual sealable plastic wallets to protect the brush and they can be reused, so you could use them to carry your brushes when travelling to protect them from damage. I cannot recommend Zoeva Eye Brushes enough.. they really are the best brushes I’ve ever tried, and are considerably better quality than Sigma, Crownbrush or Real Techniques.

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