Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeek

Today is the start of a week long feature on my blog; #FreedomWeek. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know how much I love Makeup Revolution so I was excited when they announced the launch of Freedom Makeup.. their ‘professional’ sister brand. I wanted to dedicate a whole week to showcasing and reviewing some of my favourite Freedom products I’ve discovered so far, so I really hope you enjoy these posts and make sure you come back each day to read the next installment in #FreedomWeek. For full transparency, I have purchased all of the products that feature this week myself, and if you like this feature please let me know of other brands you’d like me to perhaps feature in the future. For the first product I have the Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette..

Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeek

When Freedom first launched, I placed an order on their launch day (geeky fact but I was their third ever order) and one of the items I snapped up was the Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette in the shade Peach and Baked. I love the Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palettes, so I knew I had to try the Freedom equivalent although I was little apprehensive incase the shades within the palette were identical to those in the Makeup Revolution palettes.

There are three Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palettes; each retailing for just £6, and all contain six blush shades and two highlighter shades. The layout of the Freedom Blush Palette is a little different to that of the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette as it has rectangular and square pans, whereas the Makeup Revolution use circular pans.

Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeek

Peach blushes are my favourite, so the Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette in Peach and Baked Palette was an obvious choice for my first purchase. I have scoured all of my Makeup Revolution Blush Palettes, and I’m 905% sure that the highlight shades in this Freedom Palette also feature in Makeup Revolution Palettes and some of the blush shades too in all honesty.

I personally don’t mind that there are repeats, but it might bother some. I’m a big fan of the size and shape of the pans as you can easily use your brush in each pan without worrying about picking up some of the bordering shades, and I always love the huge mirrors within the Blush Palettes across both brands.

Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeekFreedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeekFreedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette Review / Swatches | #FreedomWeek

Just look at that pigmentation.. I can’t quite believe that this Freedom Pro Blush and Highlight Palette is just £6. There are a few shades within the palette which look a little dark, but they’re a lot lighter once applied to the skin so don’t let the shades in the palette put you off a particular shade.

This is definitely a glowy blush palette, with only one shade being completely matte (the top right corner) as all of the other shades contain varying amounts of shimmer, but none of them contain obnoxious chunky shimmer particles.

I don’t typically like shimmery blushes, but I personally love every single shade within this palette, and they all look so pretty on the skin. I can’t believe how pigmented, creamy and easy to blend they are.. they’re just beautiful in terms of texture and shade and I find myself gravitating toward this blush palette more than my other palettes and the peachy shades really compliment my pale skintone.

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