Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection Review

14th August 2015

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite brands, so I was thrilled when I was gifted the Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection which consists of their five different fragrances. Soap and Glory have always had body mists, but they’ve recently relaunched their body spray range and introduced some new fragrances in the process, so there is now a body spray for all of the Soap and Glory ranges. There are now five scents within the Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection in the following scents; Original Pink, Sugar Crush, Fruitigo, Mist You Madly and Orangeasm with each Body Spray containing 100ml and cost £4 each.

Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection

Each of the Body Sprays are packaged within shiny, pink plastic bottles and really are the perfect handbag size. I love the Soap and Glory Body Sprays as they’re pump bottles rather than aerosols, as I’m very sensitive to aerosols so I never use them so I can’t use typical body sprays but I can use these sprays without any issues.

Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection

Due to the 100ml size, these bottles would be OK to carry around in your hand luggage if you’re going on holiday which is great. I love all of the Soap and Glory fragrances, so I absolutely love all five of these Body Sprays and they’re all so longlasting as I can still smell them on my skin hours later which is pretty amazing for a body mist.

Original Pink: the original Soap and Glory scent which features notes of rose, peach, violet and mandarin.

Sugar Crush: is my favourite, with notes of blood orange, lemon, vanilla and kaffir lime.

Fruitigo: features notes of pink grapefruit, Brazilian orange, green tea and fig water.

Mist You Madly: contains notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, magnolia, freesia, vanilla and musk.

Orangeasm: is their newest scent, and contains notes of mint, lemon, geranium and mandarin.

I cannot recommend the Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection enough.. they’re all so affordable, and the scents are all so lovely and so refreshing during the Summer months when it’s a little too hot for perfumes. I even use them as an air refreshener and they can be used as a linen spray too, so they’re pretty versatile mists and such great value.

What’s your favourite Soap and Glory fragrance?

Soap and Glory Body Spray Collection Review 1
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