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Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick Review and Swatches

When Clinique launched their huge range of Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick, I knew I had to give them a try as they sounded like they ticked every box. The Clinique Lip Pops are described as being luxurious, weightless lipsticks which combine saturated colour with the comfort of a primer.

Each of the shades is conveniently colour coded to match the shade inside which is just genius in my opinion, and I just love the packaging in general as it looks very sleek and it’s really handy, when you’re in a rush to be able to tell your lipstick shades apart visually without having to look for specific names or opening the lids.. I’m all about the convenience. I chose the Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick…

Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop LipstickClinique Beige Pop Lip Pop LipstickClinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick

For my first Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick shade, I opted for a safe option with Beige Pop, which doesn’t sound too appealing name wise but it’s actually not very beige at all.. it’s more of a nudey pink than a beige, but it is now officially my everyday lipstick shade as it suits every single blush and eye makeup look and it just looks gorgeous on the lips. Beige Pop is just a smidgen darker than my natural lip colour, so it really is a *cringe* ‘my lips but better’ shade (I’m sorry I went there).

Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick

£16 – Feel unique

The Clinique Beige Pop Lip Pop Lipstick formula is divine.. buttery, smooth and easy to apply and it’s reasonably forgiving if you’re having a flaky lip day. I really like how glossy Beige Pop is, and from what I’ve seen from other reviews, I believe that all of the shades are super glossy like this too.

Once on the lips, Beige Pop feels very comfortable and balm-like and I really do agree with the claims that they moisturise the lips for upto eight hours, as my lips still feel moisturised once the colour has worn away which rarely, if ever, happens with a lipstick. I am so impressed with my first Clinique Lip Pop Lipstick, that I’ll definitely be expanding my collection – It’s love.