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T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners

T3 is a brand I’ve seen feature on a lot of American YouTuber videos, but I’ve never seen or heard of their products in the UK before but I’ve since discovered that they do infact have an UK website which offers free delivery on all UK/ROI orders. The T3 products I’ve seen featured more frequently is their range of hair dryers but they also have a pretty extensive range of hair stylers too. I have the T3 SinglePass X £165 which is without a doubt, the best hair straightener I’ve ever tried. 

T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners Review

I have tried so many different hair straighteners since I started my blog, but the T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners have really blown me away…

T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners

The T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners are specifically designed to straighten long, thick or coarse hair and they have the standard T3 SinglePass Straighteners for other hair types. I knew the T3 SinglePass X would be absolutely perfect for my hair, as it’s super long and thick so it takes me ages to straighten my hair especially as it’s naturally very wavy and frizzy.

The T3 SinglePass X has a very innovative audio and visual interface alongside an advanced digital heating system which maintains constant heat whilst styling to straighten in a single glide.

T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners

In addition to the straighteners, the box includes an handy little heatproof mat which you can place your styler on without worrying about burning your dressing table or carpet as well as two sectioning clips.

The two sectioning clips are amazing and very strong so they clip your hair in place or back without falling out, and they’re nice and long too so you can section off a large amount of hair with just one clips without having to use multiple clips. I also like that the clips don’t leave indentations in my hair either, which you then have to straighten out which makes it a lot easier.

T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners Review

The T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners has T3 Tourmaline SinglePass technology with a microchip brain which constantly measures and adjusts the temperature of the plates for accurate, consistent heating while styling whilst other irons test the plate temperatures in intervals causing heat fluctuation, which can lead to damage due to over-styling.

Features and Benefits

  • 1.5” Wide Plates – Cover a wider surface area to straighten more hair in less time.
  • T3 Tourmaline® + Ceramic – Ionic technology ensures a long-lasting, smooth and shiny finish.
  • Advanced Digital Heating System – Maintains consistent heat to straighten in a single glide.
  • Adjustable Heating up to 410ºF – To perfectly style all hair types and textures.
  • 1 Hour Auto Off – For worry-free styling.
  • Audio/Visual Interface – Innovative, easy-to-use computerised operation.
  • Ergonomic & Lightweight – For an effortless styling experience.
  • 9 FT, 360° Swivel Cord – Professional-length cord for ease of use.

T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners

The T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners is the first pair of hair straighteners that I’ve tried that have an audio and visual feature to them, and it feels so much more advanced for having this technology. When you turn the straighteners on, they make a noise and you can see the white bars on the top moving up and down whilst heating up and once they’re ready the bars stop moving so you’re know they’re ready.

To adjust the temperature of the styler you simply use the power button, and the amount of bars can be increased from one to five depending on your hair type and damage so I like to use three or four bars, but opt for two bars when straightening my pesky baby hairs. The styler feels incredibly luxurious, with a gorgeous white and silver appearance with glossy white ceramic plates which are floating to make it easier to straighten the hair.

I have to be honest, I did doubt that they would be able to straighten my nightmare in just one single pass but seriously they do. My section of hair could be super frizzy and curly and the styler straightens my hair in just one pass which is something I’ve never experienced with any other hair straighteners. I only ever have to do a further pass of the plates if I used a section of hair which was too thick but even then it still does very well at straightening my hair.

The shiny plates leave my hair looking super glossy, and my hair stays straight until I next wash my hair. I cannot recommend the T3 SinglePass X Hair Straighteners enough, it’s such a fantastic pair of straighteners and I cannot fault anything at all and they even come with a two year warranty too for extra peace of mind.

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