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Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel

Witch is a skincare brand that I dabbled with through my teens in the hope of improving my acne but I never saw any improvement to my skin. Fast forward ten years, I spotted the Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel £4.99 on offer for half price so I thought I’d give it a try as it boasted some pretty bold claims. It’s described as being an exfoliating gel which removes dead skin cells and rubs away blackheads easily whilst contracting the pores.

Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel

The tube contains 35ml of product, and the gel is quite thick in consistency. Just like the whole Witch Skincare range, the Witch Blackhead Clearing Gel contains Witch Hazel which helps to prevent blemishes.

Witch Blackhead Clearing GelWitch Blackhead Clearing Gel

To use the gel, the directions recommend applying to a dry face in circular movements. Once you begin to massage the gel into the skin, you do feel little ‘bits’ begin to form which at first I thought was the dry skin being exfoliated, but it’s actually just the gel rolling up into little bits so I think it’s quite deceptive. I even tried using the gel on my dressing table, and the very same happened so it’s not dry skin being exfoliated, it’s just the gel balling up.

Exfoliation wise, I genuinely don’t notice any improvement in my skin’s texture after using this gel; even when I use a generous amount, and the same goes for blackheads. No matter how many times I’ve tried this gel, it doesn’t improve or make any difference whatsoever to my blackheads so I can’t help but think it’s pretty pointless. After looking at other reviews online, it would appear I’m not alone on not noticing any improvements after using this so it’s a bit of a strange one. I really wanted to love this gel as the concept was amazing, but in my opinion it’s a waste of time and money as it doesn’t do anything.

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