Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit Review / Swatches

I love Freedom Makeup and Makeup Revolution, and I’m always excited by their frequent new releases. When I heard that Freedom were launching a cream contour palette, I knew I had to give it a try as Freedom describe themselves as being a more ‘professional’ brand, so I figured it would be of professional quality. When Freedom launched 50 new products recently, they released two new contour palettes; one powder contour kit, and one Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit and both are dupes (only visually and layout wise) for the Lorac Pro Contour Palette and both kits are £10 each.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour KitFreedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

I have the Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit which includes three cream highlight shades, three cream contour shades and a contouring brush inside a white cardboard box. The palette itself is a black, glossy plastic palette with a mirror within the lid. The creams are laid out in two rows, with the highlight shades at the top and the contour shades at the bottom.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

Freedom have copied Lorac with the names for the shades; Beige Highlight, Yellow Highlight and Highlight for the top row with the Highlight pan being longer than the previous two, and for the contour shades; Light Contour, Deep Contour and Medium Contour and again the last pan is longer than the first two. I also think the outer packaging is a little misleading as on the box it shows that the shades are all individually named, but as you can see, the palette doesn’t have any names at all which I found a little strange.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

The brush within the Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit looked really promising, as the bristles are elliptical shaped which in theory would work well for contouring as it could fit nicely in the hollows of the cheeks. However the problem is, there aren’t enough bristles within the brush so when I was blending the cream out on my cheek, the metal ferrule scratched my skin and the scratch is still there three days later so I’m pretty annoyed.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

The edge of the ferrule is sharp, and because there’s not enough bristles the metal ferrule catches the skin so if  you’ve bought this kit, I’d recommend being very careful but it definitely needs to be more densely packed with bristles for safety more than anything.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

The highlight shades are: Beige Highlight, Yellow Highlight and Highlight.

Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit

The contour shades are; Light Contour, Deep Contour and Medium Contour.

The highlight shades within the Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit are OK shade wise, but the contour shades are very warm toned which is a little strange for a contour palette – especially as the Lorac Pro Contour Palette does have two cool toned contour shades, and one warm shade but this palette has three warm, very orange shades. I’ve also discovered that the ‘Light Contour’ shade is actually just a weaker pigmented version of the ‘Medium Contour’ and they’re the exact same colour.

I think this palette would have been a lot better if it contained cool contour shades, especially as Freedom are supposed to be a professional brand. The creams are all quite greasy too sadly, so I don’t think it’s suited for those with oily skins.. I think the powder version would be better.

Unfortunately I cannot recommend this Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Contour Kit. I absolutely love the Freedom Pro Contour Kit as it’s the perfect shade for contouring and it really is great quality but these shades in this palette are just not suitable for contouring, and they look so muddy on the skin even as cream bronzer shades. Obviously I’m not a fan of the brush within this kit, but I just don’t think the whole kit is worth £10 as it’s not on par with the usual Freedom/Makeup Revolution quality.

Although Makeup Revolution have just launched their own Cream Contour Kit, and I can already tell you it’s considerably better than this kit both in terms of contour shades, and quality so I would definitely skip this kit altogether and go for the Makeup Revolution alternative and it’s cheaper..

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