Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection Review

I am a big Makeup Revolution fan, however when I heard that they were releasing new ranges of brushes, I was a little sceptical of their quality as I wasn’t a massive fan of the Makeup Revolution Pro Curve Contour Brushes but I knew I had to try them to see how they compared. There are two new ranges of brushes.. the Makeup Revolution Ultra Metals Brushes, and the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection which is the set that I own.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection are very obvious copies of the Real Techniques Bold Metals; I can’t call them dupes as I don’t own them, but the’re visually pretty similar.

From what I can gather, the Ultra Scuplt and Blend Collection isn’t a copy of another brush brand which I really like, as I really wish Makeup Revolution did more unique products like they did when they first launched, rather than churning out copies all of the time.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection can only be purchased as a set and not individually, however the Ultra Metals Brushes can be purchased both as a set and individually. I’m unsure why Makeup Revolution didn’t do the same for this collection, but the set costs £14.99 and it contains three makeup brushes and a makeup sponge.

In all honesty, I didn’t expect very much from the brushes but they do feel really nice and I love the rose gold. The handles of the brushes are actually plastic, and the ferrules are metal but they don’t feel cheap or tinny, but they’re not weighty brushes like the Zoeva or Real Techniques brushes.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

Powder, Sculpt and Blend Brush

This is the largest brush within the kid, which is an angled flat top kabuki style brush with densely packed bristles. I wouldn’t use this brush for powder as it’s much too dense for powder, but you could use it for bronzer or blush, or even contouring with the angled top.

I prefer to use this brush for foundation, and it works really well at buffing my foundation into my skin.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

Cheek & Highlight Sculpt & Blend Brush

How weird is this brush? It looks so short and stubby, and I really didn’t know how to use it as it’s quite small and it has and angled top just like the Powder Brush.

After trial and error, I’ve found that it works best at blending concealing and it’s just too dense for blush and bronzer; it ends up looking really patchy, but it’s great at buffing in my under eye concealer.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

Eyeshadow Blender

This is a fluffy blending brush, but it’s much too large for blending eyeshadow as it covers my whole eyelid which isn’t ideal but all is not lost, as I think it’s much better suited for applying loose powder.

I would liken this brush to the Real Techniques Setting Brush, but just a tiny bit smaller but it’s also perfect for applying highlighter too.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection

Foundation & Base Blending Sponge

I love my Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, so I was excited to try this sponge as it looked quite promising. It’s quite hard for a makeup sponge, and it doesn’t expand when I wet it like the other sponges. I wouldn’t purchase this set for the sponge, as I feel like you’d be disappointed as it isn’t brilliant but luckily the other three brushes are.

Overall, I think the Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt and Blend Collection is well worth £14.99, even though I use each brush for a different use to what they’re supposedly for. I definitely would recommend this collection over the Pro Curve Contour Brushes as I feel that they’re better quality, and they give better results.

I really want to try their Ultra Metals range next to see how they compare, as I never expected to like this brush set as much as I do.

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