Maybelline Melon Mania and Peach Punch Baby Lips

8th November 2015

The Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms are such a raved about product, which until last year, you could only purchase in the US but Maybelline finally brought them over to UK shores which pleased many addicts who had been dying to try them. When they first launched, I did purchase three shades; Cherry Me, Peach Kiss and Pink Punch and I found them to be really disappointing. Luckily I bought the three shades on offer, but I really didn’t like them and ended up selling them in a blog sale.

Maybelline Melon Mania and Peach Punch Baby Lips

I noticed Maybelline had introduced a couple of new shades to the Baby Lips range in the shades Melon Mania and Peach Punch, and I decided to buy them when Superdrug had them on offer for £1.99 each and buy one get one half price, so I got the two shades for £3 instead of £6.

Maybelline Melon Mania and Peach Punch Baby Lips

Melon Mania is a bright fuchsia pink in the tube, but on the lips it’s a super sheer pink which doesn’t show up on my lips or a swatch unless I layer four or five swipes, which I’d never do as it’d make my lips incredibly greasy.

Maybelline Melon Mania and Peach Punch Baby Lips

Peach Punch is a pale baby pink in the tube, but on the lips it’s invisible and doesn’t impart any colour whatsoever. I really love the scent of both Melon Mania and Peach Punch as they do smell quite authentic and fruity but that’s where the positives end unfortunately.

I just think they’re very greasy and slimey, and they just sit on the surface of my lips without conditioning or absorbing into my lips like you’d expect from a lipbalm. The Maybelline Baby Lips claim to provide upto 8 hours of moisture, but they don’t provide my lips with even a minutes moisture and I find them uncomfortable to wear due to how greasy they are.

I know they’re only cheap, but there are much better cheaper lipbalms in my opinion like the Nivea Lip Butters which actually do moisturise my lips and they feel considerably more comfortable. I couldn’t recommend the Baby Lips Lip Balms at all sadly, and I really have tried to like them but they just do nothing for my lips and these aren’t even noticeably tinted so they feel a little pointless in all honesty.

Maybelline Melon Mania and Peach Punch Baby Lips 1
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