My DIY Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

14th November 2015

I really am not very creative or arty at all, in fact I never have been, but when Boots tasked me with creating my My DIY Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper with the help of a video, I decided I’d give it a try even it if it was just for the comedy value. Boots is one of my favourite beauty stores, and even more so when Christmas rolls around and the stores are packed with beauty sets and gift ideas which are hard to resist.

My Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

I was sent everything I could possibly need to create My DIY Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper from the box, and wrapping essentials through to gifts to include inside.

My Boots Christmas Beauty HamperMy Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

My DIY Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper started off as a plain rectangular cardboard box, which I covered in the wrapping paper of my choice. Seeing as my box was being filled with red shredded crepe paper, I wanted a wrapping paper which would contrast well so I opted for a metallic blue paper which I think goes really well with the red shredded paper.

Wrapping the cardboard box in wrapping paper was the hardest step, and I know my box isn’t impeccably neat, but I tried my best. I found it easiest to cut a large piece of paper, and place the box in the middle and cut into each corner towards the box to then fold each of the four sections into the box one by one.

My Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

Depending on who you’re making a Christmas hamper for, will depend on the products you include within yours but for mine I went for an obvious beauty theme but you could tailor the products for the person you’re gifting the hamper too.

When placing items within your hamper, it’s important to position the items in a sloped fashion which you can achieve with tissue paper under the shredded paper to create a sloped effect, or you can create a slope with the products you choose like I did with mine.

I chose to put the largest items at the back, and the smallest items at the front with the weight being evenly distributed as much as possible, and you can use sticky back tape to secure items in place should you wish to, but I didn’t do this and a couple of items did move around so I’d recommend securing the smaller items with tape to reduce any movement. I did have to include a few of my own gift items to fill out the hamper as it did look a little bare, but I really like the mixture of items within the box.

My Boots Christmas Beauty HamperMy Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

Once I filled my box with items, I placed it on a big sheet of festive cellophane and folded it over and secured it with clear sticky back tape, which I found to be a lot neater than using standard tape. I wrapped the cellophane at the ends, folding the edges like you would fold wrapping paper so they sit nice and flat at each end of the box.

My Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

Once the cellophane has been secured at both ends and at the front, the last step is to tie some ribbon around the box and secure it with more sticky back tape and cover the ends with a pretty festive bow and attach a gift tag. The bow covers up the ends of the ribbon really nicely, and I think it gives a really professional finish.

My Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper

and… Voila!

My finished beauty hamper. I have to admit, I thought that it would take me absolutely ages to make this hamper but I was stunned by how quick and easy it was when I actually started making it. From start to finish, it took me around fifteen minutes max and I think it looks amazing, and it looks so much nicer and grander than just wrapping items individually like I would normally do.

I really want to make some hampers for gifts this Christmas now I know how easy it is.. all you need is a box, some shredded paper, some cellophane, tape and a bow, and of course the items for your box. I am planning on perhaps making a pamper themed hamper for my Mum for Christmas as I know she’d love it; who wouldn’t!? I really enjoyed making my hamper so thank you Boots for allowing me to get creative….

*This post contains a PR Sample or gifted item.

My DIY Boots Christmas Beauty Hamper 1
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