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Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick Review / Swatches

Freedom is said to be the more professional sister brand to Makeup Revolution, but I have to be honest.. I think I prefer Makeup Revolution to Freedom and I wish their websites were linked so you could purchase from both brands without having to pay two lots of postage fees and I know I’m not alone in feeling like this. I’m not sure I can see an improvement in the formulas of Freedom Makeup compared to Makeup Revolution, but some product lines are better such as the Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

The Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick £5 is one of Freedom’s more recent product launches, and it’s dual ended stick with one side being an highlighter and the other end is a contour, and they both have a cream formula.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

There are three different shades of the Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick; Fair, Medium 01 and Medium 02 and I was kindly sent the Medium 01 shade although the Fair option would have been much better suited to my super pale skin. The contour shade of the Medium 01 Stick is a warm orange shade which isn’t ideal for a contour shade, as cooler shades are a lot more effective at creating a ‘shadow’ on the skin and it does look quite muddy on my skin.

I wish they’d created a cooler option especially as they’re supposedly a professional brand, as warm shades are fine for bronzing but they don’t work well for contouring. I’m interested to see what the Fair shade is like, and if it’s any cooler toned.

Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick

The pigmentation of the bronze side is quite strong so I’d recommend using a light hand as it can be hard to blend into the skin. I also must note that it leaves a sheen on the skin which again isn’t ideal for a contour, which I think is down to the fact it has a little bit of a greasy consistency which is fine on my dry skin but I imagine it could be potentially problematic for those with oilier skins.

The highlight shade is a cream colour which is so pale that it just disappears into my skintone and doesn’t highlight whatsoever which is a little strange. If you’re super pale like myself, I’d perhaps skip this Freedom Pro Contour Shaped Stick as their Pro Contour Kit is much better quality, and it’s much cooler in tone so it’s a lot more effective at contouring than this Pro Contour Shaped Stick – plus it’s cheaper, as this stick is £5 and the powder Contour Kit is only £3.50.

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