No7 Ultimate Eye Palette

The No7 Ultimate Eye Palette is one of the No7 gift sets for Christmas this year, and they released a very similar palette last Christmas which I didn’t purchase but I really liked the look of this year’s palette. The No7 Ultimate Eye Palette is £20, and it contains twenty different eyeshadows.

No7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and Swatches

What really appealed to me about the palette, is that it contains twenty of the No7 best selling, and most popular shadows and it doesn’t contain just a random selection of shades, so I knew it would be great quality and the shades are all very wearable which is perfect for a neutral eyeshadow fan like myself.

On the back of the palette, there is a list which details which palette/duo/solo eyeshadow, the eyeshadow is from which I think is a nice touch.

No7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and Swatches

The palette itself is pretty huge, and in my opinion it’s unnecessarily huge and could easily be made at least half the size as there’s such massive gaps between each shadow pan. I would much prefer a smaller, more compact palette as palette is around the size of my iPad Air 2 and it’s thick too, so it’s just not easy to store.

The lid of the palette is a gold metallic plastic, and there is a good large mirror within the lid but it’s pretty heavy and bulky, and definitely not travel friendly.

No7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and SwatchesNo7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and SwatchesNo7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and SwatchesNo7 Ultimate Eye Palette Review and Swatches

The No7 Ultimate Eye Palette contains a variety of shades, ranging from pale creams to a burnt orange and there are a mixture of both shimmer and matte shades. There aren’t any dark matte shades which I’ve found disappointing, as I always like to use a darker matte shade through my crease as a transition shade, and for darkening the outer corner.

There is only dark matte on the third row – shade four, and it’s a navy but it’s poorly pigmented, and very powdery so it doesn’t work very well unfortunately.

Some of the shades within this No7 Ultimate Eye Palette are beautiful, but I have to be honest.. overall, I think the palette is disappointing as there are a lot of pale shades which look different when in the palette, but once on the lids, they just look the same and a lot of the shades are poorly pigmented and dusty.

I really did think this palette was going to be packed with good quality shadows as they’re existing shades which are popular, but there are only two or three shades which I would deem to be good quality.

I am going to pass this onto someone else that might like it, but for me, I think it’s a real let down and I would strongly recommend giving it a miss, and opt for the amazing Soap and Glory The Perfect Ten Palette from the Boots Christmas range, as it is considerably better quality and a lot more versatile.

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