Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner

Whenever I wash my hair, I always use a leave in conditioner with detangling properties as my hair is so knotty and an absolute nightmare to style post-wash. I usually use the Aussie Leave In Conditioners as they’re amazing at detangling my hair, but I can’t say I notice any conditioning properties aside from their ability to detangle. I decided to hunt for a new leave in conditioner that would nourish my hair as well as detangle, and I decided to try the Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner as I’ve seen a lot of American YouTubers rave about it, and I’d never tried anything from Sexy Hair.

Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner Review


The Sexy Hair Healthy Soy Tri Wheat Leave In Conditioner is a spray conditioner which can be used daily and is suitable for all hair types. The conditioner is to be sprayed on damp hair, and is said to provide weightless moisture and also protects the hair against both thermal and environmental damage.

The spray is very fine and lightweight and I’ve never had any issues with going overboard, and happily spritz 5-6 pumps throughout my hair without worrying about it leaving my hair looking lank and weighed down. Once sprayed onto the hair, it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or laiden with product.

When I spritz the conditioner throughout my hair, it really does detangle my hair amazingly which is no mean feat as my hair is incredibly knotty. After blowdrying my hair, I really notice a difference in how smooth my hair is, and any static and flyaways are greatly reduced which is amazing and something I never expected from the conditioner.

I really love that this conditioner delivers on detangling my hair, as well as conditioning my hair and it also happens to smell divine as it contains Soy and Cocoa, which is a massive bonus.

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