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31st January 2016

I think I might be the only blogger that doesn’t like tea or coffee, infact the smell of either makes me feel queasy and they always have done so when I was asked if I’d like to try some products from Bubble T Cosmetics, I kindly declined as I couldn’t stand the thought of smelling of tea. However the very lovely people over at Bubble T reassured me that the products didn’t smell of conventional tea and wanted to send me a few products to see if I liked the smell with absolutely no pressure to feature them on my blog whatsoever.

Bubble T Cosmetics

When the products arrived, I have to be honest, I’d convinced myself I wasn’t going to like them but I am seriously eating my words and the products smell absolutely incredible. I was kindly gifted three products from the Bubble T Cosmetics Summer Fruits Tea range, and since trying them out, I’ve even gone ahead and purchased a couple of other products as I am so impressed.

Bubble T Cosmetics

The Summer Fruits Tea scent is a blend of raspberries, strawberries and blackberries with a twist of white tea. I have the Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Bath Fizzies £6, Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Bath Infusion T-Bags £5.99 and Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Body Spray £2.99. The Bubble T range can be bought on the Bubble T website, or on/in Superdrug too.

Bubble T Cosmetics

The Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Bath Fizzies are contained within a sealable bag which is great as it keeps them dry. They’re simply mini bath bombs, and you only need one or two per bath and you drop them under running water and they begin to effervesce.

The Fizzies take around a minute or so to completely dissolve, and they don’t change the water colour like I thought they would.. they simply infuse the water with fragrance, and help to soften the skin. Even though the water doesn’t change colour, I think these are great value especially when you consider the price of a single use Lush bathbomb.. you’d get at least six baths from this generous packet, and maybe even more.

Bubble T CosmeticsBubble T Cosmetics

It doesn’t get much cuter than teabags for the bath.. the Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Bath Infusion T-Bags are a box of 10 single use ‘teabags’, which are to be used once per bath and you simply hold the teabag under running water, and the salts within the teabag begin to dissolve.

Bubble T Cosmetics

The scent from the T-Bags is a lot stronger than the scent from the Fizzies, but I feel that they also make my skin softer than the Fizzies too. I keep the box in my bedroom, and the box makes my room smell incredible – they’re so strongly scented, but in a good way of course.

Bubble T Cosmetics

The last item is the Bubble T Summer Fruits Tea Body Spray which is my favourite, as it just smells incredible. The smell really reminds me of my favourite alcoholic drink, which was Raspberry Absolut Vodka with lemonade, but I don’t drink alcohol anymore so it brings back happy memories of fun nights out. Even though it’s a body spray, it really lasts on the skin and it lasts longer than some perfumes that I own. I would love the other Body Sprays within the range as I love it so much, and it’s incredibly affordable.

Have you ever tried anything from Bubble T Cosmetics?

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