Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover

16th January 2016

I am a massive glitter fan, and I absolutely love wearing glitter nail polishes but I despise the laborious removal process and I’ve tried every trick in the book to try and make glitter polish removal a little easier but the best thing I’ve found so far is the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. When I saw that Essie had created a special nail polish remover for glitter, I knew it was something I needed to try but I didn’t have high hopes in all honesty as I’ve never had much luck with Essie as a brand. The Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover is £5.99 which is a little pricey considering the bottle only contains 120ml, but luckily I purchased mine when Essie was on three for two.

Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover

The Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover is described as having a two in one formula which dissolves glitter nail polish with gelified acetone which is easy to apply thanks to the nozzle, and the gel contains scrubbing beads to help break down the glitter.

To use the remover you simply squeeze a pea size amount onto your nails and allow it to sit for upto 30 seconds, and then gently massage the gel into the nails to break up the glitter particles with a cotton pad.

Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover

The first polish I tried this remover on is the Barry M Glitter Polish in Rose Quartz which contains both micro glitter and larger glitter pieces, and I just couldn’t get the glitter to break up or dissolve – it simply just removed the colour from the glitter but as it’s quite a densely packed glitter, I figured I’d try something else.

So I decided to give it a try with the Essie Peak of Chic top coat over a normal base polish, and again it just wouldn’t remove the glitter, it only removed the colour of the glitter. I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong with this remover, but it just doesn’t do what it claims to do which is pretty disappointing.

I’ve tried the remover on four different occasions since I purchased it and each time it’s failed to remove any glitter. I’d love to know if you’ve tried this remover and had better luck with it, or have any tips as I’m on the verge of binning it as it’s been completely useless.

Essie Leave No Trace Glitter Nail Polish Remover 1
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