Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor

25th January 2016

Talking about a razor on my blog feels a little strange as it’s not a typical beauty product, but it’s a product I use almost daily and I’m sure I’m not alone – unless you like the au naturel look of course. The Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor was an US exclusive product until last year, when Gilette finally launched it over here in the UK and everyone went crazy for it. 

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor

I really had no interest in purchasing the Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor as I felt like it was pretty expensive for what it was, but I managed to get it on offer for half price for £4.99 which made it a little more reasonable.

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor

The Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor is £9.99 and is a travel friendly option within an handy blue plastic case, which has air holes on the back to allow your razor to fully dry without making your toiletry bag damp.

What I particularly liked about the Venus Snap is that even though it has a short handle, the razor head is full size and you can use any of the Gillette Venus Embrace refill heads which I think is genius as you can replace the head without having to throw it away once it’s finished with.

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor

The handle of the Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor is rounded with a pink, rubberised centre which makes it easy to grip onto even under running water in the shower and the head of the razor pivots just like the other Venus razors which is ideal as it moves with the contours of your skin.

The Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor contains five blades, which are surrounded by a ‘ribbon of moisture’ to ensure an easy glide of the razor. I had been using the Gillette Venus Pro Skin Moisture but I really don’t like it, as it’s not half as sharp as the rest of the Venus line and the soap bars at the top and bottom of the razor get in the way too, but this one is much better.

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor

I really like how sharp the blades are on the Gillette Venus Snap, as they allow for a super close shave and I find that I rarely suffer any razor nicks when using it which I put down to the pivoting head and the moisture bars at the top and bottom of the blades. I don’t have any travel plans right now, but I find the case to be really handy for keeping the razor protected but allowing it to air fully inbetween uses to prevent any rusting of the blades, so you don’t have to just use it for travel.

I do think £9.99 is a little pricey for a razor that only comes with one head, but all of the Gillette razors are around the £10 mark so it is in proportion to the rest of the range, but I would personally recommend waiting until you see it on offer but the big plus side is you can use any Gillette Venus razor head you like.

Gillette Venus Snap Portable Razor 1
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