Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection Review / Swatches

11th January 2016

2015 has been an amazing year for Makeup Revolution, as a blogger I have to admit that I find it hard to keep up with their very frequent product releases and truthfully, it’s a little overwhelming. I have a bit of a Makeup Revolution backlog which I aim to catch up on, but for now I want to focus on the Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection which launched early this year. The collection consists of five different shades which are just £1 each, which is crazy. Speaking of crazy, the shades are a little out there and definitely out of my comfort zone, but if you’re into bright colours, this collection might be perfect for you.

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection

The Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection are quite sheer, which actually might work in their favour as they’re such bold shades so you can build up the intensity should you wish to. The shades are; Serpent is a deep forest green, Ruby is a super sheer red, Make it Right is a shimmery purple, Make It Tonight is a super sheer brown and Magnificent is a shimmery lilac.

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection

These lipsticks are a little waxy, but I find that the £1 Makeup Revolution Lipsticks are always a little waxy, but they’re only £1. If you want a better quality lipstick from Makeup Revolution, I’d really recommend trying their Lip Lavas, Liphugs or their Iconic Pro range as their pigmentation and texture is a lot better.

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection

I don’t think the Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection is Makeup Revolution’s best range that they’ve created, but I think they’re a great way to try bold and crazy shades without spending lots of money, especially if they’re not the kind of shade you’re going to wear all of the time.

My favourite shade from the collection is Magnificent as it’s the most pigmented, and it’s so pretty but I’m not sure I can pull off Serpent, Make It Right or Make It Tonight but I’m such a neutral girl through and through. I think this collection would be perfect for fancy dress or Halloween as the wear time isn’t fantastic, but I think they’re fun and a nice way to experiment.

I’d love to know if you’re brave enough to wear green lipstick?

Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection Review / Swatches 1
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