H and M Beauty Haul

2nd February 2016

Ever since H&M relaunched their beauty range last year, there has been a lot of buzz across the beauty blogging community about the extensive range of products. I remember buying from the H&M beauty range when I was at school.. I even had a matte black eyeshadow which contained silver glitter which I used to wear all over my eyelids thanks to a spongetip applicator; I must have looked hideous but H&M have done beauty products for as long as I can remember.

H & M Beauty Haul

The new relaunch saw the introduction of a slightly more luxurious range, with lots more products and shades and I knew I had to buy a few things from the range so I could try them out for myself.

H and M Beauty Haul

There are so many products to choose from, and so many shades so it was a little overwhelming but I bought one of their blushes, an eyeshadow, a lip pencil, a lipstick pencil and an eyeshadow pencil. I bought the Powder Blush £6.99 in the shade Cameo Pink which is a lovely, pale pink and the Eyeshadow £4.99 in the shade Peach Life which is a seriously misleading name as it’s not at all pink.. it’s a metallic pink which isn’t a shade I’d normally go for, but I actually quite like it thankfully.

I then got a few pencils in my H and M Beauty Haul.. the Lip Definer in the shade Pressed Petals £3.99 which is a pretty bright pink, and a Lip Colour To Go £4.99 in the shade Chocs Away which looked pink on the website but it’s very brown and I’m not sure it’s something I’ll ever wear sadly. Lastly I got an Eye Colour To Go £4.99 in the shade Cordoba which is a gorgeous, warm chocolate brown.

It’s still early days, but from my initial impressions, I’m impressed with the quality of everything I’ve tried and I definitely want to try more from their new range. I’ve seen people complain about how ‘cheap’ the packaging looks, but I personally really like the packaging and for products under £7, you’re not going to get anything better than plastic but at least it’s pretty plastic…

H and M Beauty Haul 1
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