Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

I love Morphe Brushes eyeshadow palettes, and I’ve amassed quite a collection since they started being stocked on the Beauty Chamber website and I’ve recently tried the Morphe Individual Eyeshadows but I wanted to try their brushes after hearing endless YouTubers rave about them. I chose a selection of eye and face brushes for my first haul, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality and I can’t believe how affordable they are either. My favourite brushes from the ones I bought are the Elite Collection, which are the brushes which begin with an E before their number and I definitely want to try more from the Elite Collection as they’re even better quality than my holy grail Zoeva Brushes. Read on to see which brushes I chose within my Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul…

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush HaulMorphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

E30 – £6.50

The first of my Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul brushes, the E30 is a fluffy blending brush with a rounded shape for buffing your eyeshadow out seamlessly.

The brush features synthetic bristles as they’re nice and soft, and the small domed shape fits nicely within the crease and I tend to use this brush with a skintone matte shade to clean up the edges of my blending. The quality of the Elite Collection brushes is truly amazing, with the handles being a weighty, black, glossy wood which is tapered along the handle.

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

E22 – £5.50

My second Elite Collection brush is the Pointed Blender Brush which is basically a slightly more pointed version of the E30 and offers a little more precision when blending.

Again the brush features synthetic bristles which are silky soft. I like that this brush features shorter bristles as well as longer bristles so it does well at applying, and then blending the shadow out and the tapered point of the brush fits nicely along the bottom lashline when I want to smudge shadow out.

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

G14 – £6.50

The G14 is from the Morphe Gunmetal range, which all feature gunmetal coloured metallic handles which I like but I prefer the handles of the Elite Collection brushes.

This is the Oval Shadow Brush with synthetic bristles, which is designed to pack shadow onto the lids. I like to use the G14 for blending my under-eye concealer in as it’s the perfect shape and really fluffy.

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

M441 – £4.75

This is the Pro Firm Blending Crease Brush with goat bristles, and is similar in style to the MAC 217 brush except nearly £16 cheaper.

The bristles are soft, but they’re a little stiffer than the other brushes but the stiffness of the bristles is what makes it such an effective blending brush.

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

M501 – £6.25

This Pro Pointed Blending Brush has sable bristles which have a teardrop shape.

I tried to use this brush for blending eyeshadow but in my opinion, it’s just too big for the eyes so I think it’s better suited as an highlighter brush which it does a great job for but it works well for applying setting powder under my eyes too.

Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul

M438 – £8.95

The M438 is like a bigger version of the M501, with the same shaped bristles. This brush has become my favourite for applying my powder contour as it fits perfectly within the contour of your face, and the bristles work really well to blend my contour in for a super natural finish.

The brush is quite pointed, and even though it’s quite a large brush, it can even be used for contouring the nose and it’s replaced my other contouring brushes.

I am so impressed with the quality of my first Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul. There isn’t one disappointing brush in the six that I chose, and I haven’t had one bristle shed from any of them even with cleaning them which is always a good sign that brushes are well made. I will 100% be purchasing some more brushes, so if you have any specific brush recommendations, I’d love to know as I totally understand why Morphe Brushes Makeup Brushes are so massively hyped.

Do you have any of the brushes within my Morphe Brushes Makeup Brush Haul?

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