Winter Lip Prep and Preening

I never really suffer with super dry lips as I always apply lipbalm throughout the day but this Winter, my lips have really suffered and are feeling drier than ever so I’ve found the perfect routine to help banish the dryness and make them soft and comfortable regardless of how cold it is. Today’s post is my Winter Lip Prep and Preening routine where I’ll talk you through the steps I follow to prep and treat my lips, as well as the perfect lip colour solutions for dry lips.

Winter Lip Prep and PreeningWinter Lip Prep and Preening

My Winter Lip Prep and Preening routine centers around the little gem which is SoreFix. I’ve never come across SoreFix before but I spotted it in my local Savers and was instantly intrigued. SoreFix is actually marketed as being an innovative treatment which treats and prevents cold sores as well as being an intensive lip balm which my lips have really appreciated during their recent dry spell. 

Winter Lip Prep and Preening

Now I don’t suffer from cold sores personally, but if you do, SoreFix is a discreet and invisible lipbalm which forms a protective layer which blocks healthy cells from infection to catch the early signs of a cold sore outbreak. Most cold sore treatments do exactly that – treat the cold sore, but SoreFix actually helps to prevent and treat the cold sore as well as keeping the lips perfectly nourished and supple.

I’ve been applying SoreFix in the mornings as it’s lovely and lightweight and works as an ideal base for my lip products of choice for the day. I also really like that SoreFix contains an SPF of 30 to help protect my lips from any sun damage – as sunburnt lips realllllllly hurt.

You only need a teeny tiny amount of the balm to evenly cover the lips, so this tube will last me for such a long time and since I introduced it into my regime, I’ve not had any dryness issues with my lips so I really recommend it as a standalone lipbalm, but it’s amazing that it’s also a very effective treatment for cold sores. If you do suffer from cold sores, SoreFix works to alleviate any tingling, blistering, itching or burning which you might be suffering from and keeping the lips comfortable.

Winter Lip Prep and Preening

Alongside my SoreFix lipbalm, I’ve been using the Lush Lip Scrub every night to gently buff my lips to remove any dryness. The scrub contains caster sugar and softening jojoba oil to scrub away any dead skin and infuse the lips with moisture.

I just use a dry fingertip to massage the scrub into my lips, and then use a flannel to rinse away the sugar and my lips are left feeling amazingly smooth, and moisturised and then apply a light layer of SoreFix to work its magic whilst I sleep.

Winter Lip Prep and Preening

My go-to lip duo have been the L’Oreal Lip Liner Couture in the shade Pink Fever to lightly line my lips, but not for filling in as I find using a lipliner all over my lips can be rather drying to I stick to using it for definition, and then follow with the Bourjois Color Boost Glossy Finish Lipstick in the shade Fuchsia Libre. The Bourjois Color Boosts are one of my favourite lip product formulas as their quite sheer but they can be built up for a greater colour intensity but they have a glossy finish which is forgiving on any dryness and has a slightly balmy consistency which I favour during colder weather.

So that’s my current winter lip prep and preening routine. It only takes a matter of minutes, but it makes such a big difference and my lips are feeling a lot less dry and uncomfortable. I’d love to know what your favourite lipbalm is? SoreFix originates from Holland and has now made its way to UK shores and can be purchased in Savers stores or on the SoreFix website where you can get 25% off with the promo code “treat25” as well as free postage.

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