Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker

15th March 2016

Lancome is a brand I’ve always loved, with my very first higher end makeup purchase being one of their Juicy Tube Lipgloss in Lychee so I was excited when I heard about the launch of their new Juicy Shakers. The new Lancome Juicy Shakers are described as being the ultimate lip gloss which has a bi phased formula pairing nourishing lip oils with beautiful pigments for plump but natural looking, glossy lips. The Juicy Shaker range contain nourishing sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil and are available in a total of 12 shades and retail for £18 each.

Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker

From the 13 shades on offer, I have the Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker which smells absolutely incredible and authentic. The packaging is just adorable, with a silver metal cocktail shaker shaped tube with the coloured gloss in the bottom and the lid unscrews to reveal a a pointed cushion applicator. 

Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker

The way the Juicy Shakers work is that the more you shake the Juicy Shaker, the stronger the colour intensity will be when you apply them to your lips which is just an amazingly unique concept.

Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker

If you want a natural, lightly tinted application you only need to shake the tube a couple of times but you can easily increase the colour intensity by shaking the tube. I initially thought the whole shaking concept might be a gimmick but it really does work which I love, as it makes it quite versatile by allowing you to choose the colour intensity you want.

The sponge of the Juicy Shaker is very soft, and applies the gloss nice and evenly. I though the large sponge might make application quite messy but it’s actually really precise and easy to apply. This swatch shows the colour intensity of a couple of shakes and is a gorgeous pinky toned gloss which is quite different to the colour of the base of the shaker, but it’s the perfect watermelon shade which suits its name very well.

Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker

It feels wrong calling the Juicy Shakers a gloss, as they feel more like a lightweight, silky lip oil rather than a gloss and it’s not at all sticky or thick like a gloss. I’ve never tried anything like the Juicy Shakers before, and I just love how nourishing the formula is on my lips.

Once you first apply the Juicy Shaker, it gives a glossy tint to the lips and whilst the glossy finish does fade within around two hours, the tint lingers for around four hours depending on how many times I’ve shaken the tube before application.

If you don’t like typical lip glosses, you’ll love the Lancome Juicy Shakers as they’re not at all gloss-like but they still give your lips the pretty sheen of a lip gloss but the nourishment of a lip oil or treatment. You can even apply the Juicy Shakers over the top of lipsticks or lipliners should you want a more glossy finish, which I particularly love doing with matte lip products which tend to be quite drying as the Juicy Shaker makes them a lot more comfortable on the lips.

I love the Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker shade, and I’m dying to swatch the other shades next time I’m at a Lancome counter as there are so many other beautiful shades; I’m currently eyeing up Freedom of Peach and Boomerignue – how cute are the names?!

Lancome Wonder Melon Juicy Shaker 1
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