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MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush

MAC is such an hyped brand and I do have a fair few of their products, but I can’t help but feel the brand as a whole is overhyped, but I do like to take a look at their new collections incase something catches my eye. MAC recently launched their Faerie Whispers collection, and I usually miss their new collections as they always sell out ridiculously quickly but strangely, the Faerie Whispers collection is still lingering around on the MAC website and on counter. I bought two items from the Faerie Whispers collection; the Spellbinder Powder Blush and the Sparkling Rose Beauty Powder and I’m really happy with both of my purchases, but my favourite is definitely the MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush.

MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush ReviewMAC Spellbinder Powder Blush

The MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush £18.50 is described as being a ‘pastel yellow pink’ which I don’t think sounds particularly appealing, nor does it do the shade justice but luckily Temptalia had some great swatches so I decided I needed it in my collection as it looked like the perfect Spring blush. I would describe Spellbinder as being a pastel coral shade, with a luminous subtle sheen. 

MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush

I don’t like shimmery blushes at all, but Spellbinder’s shimmer is so subtle, and undetectable that it looks like it’s just a natural glow which I love. The pigmentation isn’t amazing, but I prefer my blushes to be lightly pigmented as you can build up the colour intensity gradually, rather than being left with clown cheeks which you have to blend for half an hour – we’ve all been there.

MAC Spellbinder Powder Blush

I don’t think Spellbinder is particularly unique, but I still love it all the same. It really reminds me of another blush shade, but I cannot put my finger on which one. I like that this is quite a pinky toned coral than a peachy toned coral as I own so many peachy corals, so it’s nice to have something a little different or that’s what I’m telling myself to try and justify a millionth peachy/pink/coral blush in my collection.

If you spot Spellbinder on counter, I’d recommend giving it a swatch as it is a really pretty shade which is easy to wear but I imagine it could be easily duped within the drugstore for a fraction of the price.