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Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

Sheet Masks have become big business in recent months, and I for one am very grateful as I love using them. One of the newest brands available in the UK is Skin Republic which is available at Graftons Beauty and they’ll be launching into Superdrug later this month. Skin Republic is an award winning scientifically formulated, dermatologist tested hypo-allergenic range combining the latest advances in skin care with nature’s restorative properties. 

Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

Skin Republic currently have a range of 13 products which treat the face, under the eyes, neck, decolletage and hands and feet so there’s bound to be something to treat your skincare concerns.

From the 13 products on offer, I have the Skin Republic Foot Peel £9.99 and the Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask Sheet £4.99.

Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

I have sworn by using foot peel masks for a good year or two, and usually purchase them on eBay or Amazon which in truth is a little risky seeing as the packaging never carries English instructions or ingredients so you never really know what’s inside the mask so I’m thrilled we now have access to a reputable foot peel brand. If you’ve never heard of a foot peel mask before, they really are amazing and I cannot recommend them enough unless you’re squeamish, then perhaps give them a miss.

The Skin Republic Foot Peel contains 15 plant extracts including gingko biloba, green tea and rich in vitamin E. Whilst Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) remove dead skin cells leaving you with soft, crack-free skin. To use the ‘mask’ you slip the plastic booty on each foot and leave them in place for around 90-120 minutes to allow the AHA’s to work their magic on your dry skin, and your feet will peel to reveal incredibly soft, smooth and perfect feet.

Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

These boots are the best I’ve tried as usually they’re a bit like a plastic bag but these actually stay on your feet and I feel like you get the most of the treatment. The instructions say you don’t have to wash your feet once you’ve finished the treatment but I always do as I don’t like the feeling of product on my feet as I have wooden floorboards but they are relatively fuss free.

After around five days, you’ll begin to notice that your feet develop patches of peeling skin which you peel off (gross I know, but it’s so satisfying believe me!) to reveal amazingly soft skin. It took around three days for all of the peeling to stop but the end result is incredible, and much better than any foot cream or scrub you’ll ever use. I would recommend not using these before an event as it takes around ten days for the benefits to be seen, but I’d definitely do one maybe two weeks before an event if you want your feet to be in tip top condition.

Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

The Skin Republic Brightening Vitamin C Face Mask is a typical sheet mask which comes folded into four inside the plastic pouch which you simply unfold to place over your face, with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. The mask is infused with brightening and radiance enhancing ingredients vitamin C, E and 7 plant extracts which gently reduce the visible appearance of freckles, age spots and imperfections for an even skin tone. 

The Brightening Vitamin C mask also revitalises and brightens the skin whilst supplying hydrating nutrients to reveal a radiant, bright and luminous complexion, and Skin Republic recommend leaving the mask in place for around twenty minutes, and once you’ve finished; don’t rinse off the left over essence, simply massage it into the skin.

Skin Republic Face Mask and Foot Peel

The mask is very wet for a sheet mask so it’s one you need to lean back and relax with as it’ll slide off your face should you try and walk around. I particularly like how saturated the mask is, as it feels like it’s really giving your skin an intensive treatment. The mask feels so soothing and cooling on the skin, and it doesn’t tingle or give my  sensitive skin any uncomfortable symptoms which I was grateful for.

Once I’d removed the mask, there was a visible improvement in my skintone, with any acne scarring looking a lot less prominent and my skin really did look brighter and clearer – in just twenty minutes. I think this would be the perfect mask to use before a night out, as it gives such noticeable instant results to the skin.

Do you like using sheet masks? Would you be interested in a peeling foot mask?

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