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1st March 2016

Soigné Nails is a beautiful nail care brand which originates from France with the word ‘Soigné’ translating as ‘to take care of’ in English as their products are all kind to the nails. Each of the Soigné nail polishes contain upto 85% of natural, plant sourced ingredients extracted from natural origins such as wood pulp, cotton, potato, corn, wheat and manioc, with a 5 free formula (toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, phtalic acid and DBP) which is vegan friendly and cruelty free. Infact, Soigné call themselves the ‘Botanical Nail Lacquer’ as they contain such an high percentage of botanical ingredients.

Soigné Nails

I tried Soigné for the first time in early 2014 when they featured within the May Birchbox and I got the shade Cerise which is a beautiful raspberry colour. Even though it’s coming up to two years since I got the polish in my Birchbox, I still use it quite reguarly as it has a beautiful formula and it applies like it’s brand new so I really wanted to try some other shades from the Soigné Nails range.

Soigné Nails

The Soigné polishes can be purchased through their website and each 10ml polish is £11 which I think is pretty good for such a luxurious nail polish brand, especially when each polish is individually boxed and the quality is considerably better than the likes of Nails Inc and OPI.

I have three new shades in my collection which are Glaçage Bleu, Menthe and Taro. I purposely chose a couple of pastel shades as I find they’re the type of shades which nail polish brands struggle to create, with most of the pastel polishes having a streaky and uneven finish so I was intrigued to see what the Soigné pastel formula was like.

Soigné Nails

Glaçage Bleu is my favourite from the trio, and is described as being a dusty powder blue which resembles a crisp and clear sky. This colour really reminds me of Essie Bikini So Teeny which is one of my all time favourite shades, but the formula is really poor and I find it very streaky and Essie polishes have a rubbish wear time so I’ve been hunting for the same shade from another brand and this is definitely the closest match; it’s absolutely stunning. It’s the perfect Spring shade and the formula is fantastic, and is self leveling with full opacity in two generous coats.

Menthe is the most perfect mint green polish I’ve ever tried and is described by Soigné as being a garden-fresh, pale mint green which is pretty spot on. I love how Menthe is a pale mint green, but it’s not white based so it still looks quite vivid on the nails. Good quality pale mint polishes are also hard to find but as you can see from the nail wheel swatches above, Menthe has a lovely streak free formula which full opacity in two coats.

Taro is the last of the trio and one which is slightly out of my comfort zone as it’s quite a dark cool tone khaki brown which reminds me of the underside of a mushroom; strange comparison but it really does. I don’t normally like brown shades on my nails but this is the most flattering shade of brown I’ve tried and it was nearly fully opaque in just one coat, but I decided to add a second just in case.

All three polishes have a flawless formula which is so easy to apply, and they dry within a couple of minutes with a super glossy shine; so much so, I didn’t feel the need to add a topcoat to my nails which is something I always do but with the Soigné polishes, they really don’t need a topcoat which is pretty amazing. I would love to try some more of their pastel shades such as Limonade Rose (a pastel pink), Ube (a pastel purple) or Le Poivre (a pastel grey) as I love the formula so much.

Soigné Nails 1
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