H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour

18th April 2016

When H&M relaunched their beauty line last year, there was a lot of hype about their products with lots of YouTuber’s featuring sizable hauls of their products although the hype seems to have quietened down recently. As I had heard so many amazing things about the H&M beauty line, I did an H&M Beauty Haul which I blogged about at the beginning of February and one of the products I purchased was the H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour. 

H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour

There are so many different shades of the H&M High Impact Eye Colour eyeshadows, and I really struggled to choose which shade to buy especially as I placed my order online as there aren’t very many swatch posts around. I opted for Peach Life as I love peachy eyeshadows, but I was quite surprised when I order arrived as Peach Life isn’t remotely peach toned whatsoever.

H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour

The packaging is really nice, with the 2 gram eyeshadow packaged within a cream and gold plastic compact with a circular clear window on the lid. I’ve seen a couple of bloggers slate the packaging as being cheap, but like I said in my haul post.. it’s a budget beauty line, you’re not going to get chrome packaging on a £5 eyeshadow and I actually really like the packaging and I think it’s rather chic rather than the boring black and clear packaging other brands favour.

H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour

H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour £4.99

The H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour is more of a dusty mauve which is packed with silver glitter. If I’d seen this shade in a shop, I would never have purchased it but I bought it assuming it would be peach from the name, and from the poor picture on the website. I really hate being outright negative about a product but there’s not a lot of positives about this particular shade.

It’s difficult to apply due to how much glitter it contains, and even with a primer I find that the glitter sticks to my lid but not the shadow, and I have to apply at least three layers to see the pinky tone but it really is glitter overload and it falls down all over my cheeks. I’m so disappointed as I’ve read some amazing things about the H&M beauty range, but I cannot recommend this particular shade as it’s just a nightmare sadly.

H&M Peach Life High Impact Eye Colour 1
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