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L’Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray and Boost It Volume XL Mousse

L’Oreal have launched a brand new range of haircare products called the Studio Pro range which consists of three different products; an hairspray, a mousse and a smoothing cream, with the mousse and hairspray coming in a couple of different versions to suit different hair types. The L’Oreal Studio Pro range is designed to help you create a different hairstyle every day of the week and from the range, I have the L’Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray and Boost It Volume XL Mousse. 

L'Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray and Boost It Volume XL Mousse

There are two different types of the L’Oreal Studio Pro Hairspray with a Lock It Fixing Spray (which comes Strong, Extra Strong and Ultra Strong intensities) and a Boost It Volume Hairspray too and retails for £4.49 each. There are two different types of the  L’Oreal Studio Pro Mousse too with a Boost It Volume XL version as well as a Curve It Curl version too and they also retail for £4.49 each.

L'Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray and Boost It Volume XL Mousse

I have the L’Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray in the Extra Strong intensity, and it was the product I was most looking forward to trying as I use hairspray every day to try and tame and control my naturally wavy hair…

L’Oreal say;

  • LOCK IT Hairspray’s Double-Hold formula gives your style up to 48H endurance
  • For hold-addicts who want styles bolder than ever.
  • LOCK IT Hairspray gives you unlimited styling possibilities, for any occasion.
  • At the heart of the formula, there is a perfect blend of 2 fixing polymers [anionic + Amphoteric]. This formula offers you an advanced level of fixation. The formula provides a perfect blend to fix your hairstyle while preserving the natural touch of your hair. With the ultra-fine diffusion system, Studio Pro can be applied on damp hair, to perfect the finish of your style.

L'Oreal Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Spray and Boost It Volume XL Mousse

Next up is the L’Oreal Studio Pro Boost It Volume XL Mousse. I don’t tend to use mousse very often in my hair these days, but I used to swear by it during my teenage years but I was intrigued to see how muc volume this mousse would create especially as it sounded really impressive.

L’Oreal say;

  • BOOST IT Mousse’s Double-Hold formula gives you instant XL volume and up to 48H* endurance. 
  • Achieve unlimited styling possibilities, and keep the volume up! 
  • BOOST IT Mousse, for BIG HAIR junkies.
  • The Studio Pro formula provides the perfect blend to preserve the natural touch of your hair while fixing your hairstyle. Apply the BOOST IT Volume Hair Mousse to damp hair to perfect the finish of your style.

I really like the bold and vibrant packaging of the new L’Oreal Studio Pro range as it really stands out amongst my other haircare products, and it doesn’t have a more professional vibe to it. The hairspray is my favourite out of the duo, but I knew it would be as I’m a big hairspray fan and never really like using mousse unless I’m going to scrunch it through my damp hair for a fuss-free beachy wave look.

I particularly like the hairspray as it doesn’t have a ridiculously suffocating scent to it, and it manages to secure my hair in place without any crispiness whatsoever. I’m not sure I can back up their 48hr claims, but it very much lasts for the full day at keeping my style in place, and it’s particularly great at holding curls after using my Mark Hill Curling Wands.

The mousse is good as far as mousse’s go in that it works into the hair nicely without leaving my hair feeling slimey and laden with product like a lot of mousses tend to do. I liked that the mousse helped to give my hair some lovely body, but I didn’t notice as much volume as I thought I would for a volumising mousse but my hair is very fine so perhaps that’s why.

I do like using this mousse through my damp roots before I  blow-dry my hair and then use my heated rollers as I find it helps my curls to form nice and smoothly with a little extra hold, however I would have liked to have seen a little more volume but the hairspray is definitely a winner in my opinion.

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