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Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette Review / Swatches

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll most definitely be aware of my love for Makeup Revolution. They are only two years old but in such a short time, they’ve achieved so much and my five most read blog posts of all time are all Makeup Revolution reviews which speaks volumes on their popularity.

Now I’m not a fan of everything they do, for example I don’t like their lipsticks or their brow products but in my opinion, their best products are their eyeshadows (both their individual shadows and their palettes) and their highlighters. So when I saw they’d launched the new Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette, I bought it through their new app with zero hesitation as their highlighters are incredible.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter PaletteMakeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette

The new palette is the Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette £8 which follows on from the success of their Radiance Highlighter Palette and their Highlight Palette; both of which I own and absolutely love so I was extremely excited to try the Beyond Radiance Palette and I had very high hopes as I’m yet to be disappointed by any of their highlighters. The Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette is packaged within the Makeup Revolution typical sleek, black plastic palettes which contain a generously sized mirror within the lid.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette

Inside the Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette there are three large powder highlighters with a white toned highlighter, a pink toned highlighter and a bronze toned highlighter.

I really like the design on the powders, and I feel the circular rings help with the application of the powders and I like that I can use each shade individually without worrying about my brush touching the bordering shades as they’re nicely spaced apart.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette

Now the first time I tried the palette, I swatched the powders with my fingertips and I was taken aback by how gritty and chalky they felt but I just put it down to the fact they’re meant to be used with a brush, but sadly the texture didn’t improve with a brush.

All three powders are very powdery and chunky, and unfortunately they sit on the surface of the skin which I’m hoping you can see in the above photo. Now I don’t have an hairy face, but oh my gosh these three powders made me look so hairy as they clung to the tiny tiny hairs on my face which I hate.

I really wish I’d have looked at the swatch picture on the Makeup Revolution website before ordering as you can see how chunky and dusty they are just from that photo, and that the powder is clinging to the hairs on the swatcher’s arm too.

Makeup Revolution Beyond Radiance Highlighter Palette
I so wanted to love this palette, but I just can’t use it as I hate the way all three powders look on my skin and I don’t actually notice any highlighting effects from the pink shade or the bronze shade which is rather peculiar to say the least.

If this is your first try of the Makeup Revolution highlighters, you mustn’t let these put you off as none of their other highlighters, or even their powders feel or perform as badly as these. I really wish I could write something positive about this palette to make my review more balanced, but sadly I can’t.. I’m gutted I wasted £8 on it but it won’t put me off trying Makeup Revolution’s new highlighters in the future – I guess you can’t love everything!

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