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NARS Sex Appeal Blush

I’ve declared my undying love for NARS on many occasions, but they really are one of my favourite higher end beauty brands alongside Too Faced and Urban Decay.

One of my favourite NARS products is their range of powder blushes, and I can never resist their beautiful blush palettes which they usually launch as part of their holiday collection.

People often rave about MAC Blushes but I don’t think they’re half as good as NARS Blushes and I love adding new NARS Blush shades to my collection.

The newest addition to my blush wardrobe is the NARS Sex Appeal Blush which is a shade I’d longed for, but one that’s always seemingly out of stock but House of Fraser is the only place which I can find it apart from the official NARS website itself.

NARS Sex Appeal Blush Review and Swatch

NARS Blushes have such lovely packaging, with their trademark rubberised plastic which some people hate as it’s a magnet for fingerprints but I love how sleek and protective the rubberised finish is.

The blushes come with an handy mirror within the lid, and the lid closes really well and securely, and I’ve never had any issues with my NARS Blushes breaking or getting damaged so they’re perfect for popping in your makeup bag.

The compacts contain 4.8 grams of product and they retail for £23 each, and I decided upon Sex Appeal as it looked like it was ideal for pale skin.

NARS Sex Appeal Blush Review and Swatch

The NARS Sex Appeal Blush is described as being a Soft Peach, but I would describe it as being a pale baby pink which is just beautiful, and it has a matte finish which is my favourite for blushes.

The powder feels so silky and soft for a matte blush, and it’s absolutely foolproof as it’s pale so you can build up the colour intensity without any worries of looking like a clown.

NARS Sex Appeal Blush Review and SwatchNARS Sex Appeal Blush

I like to use a fluffy brush such as the Real Techniques Blush Brush and lightly dust it over the apples of my cheeks and it looks so natural and like my skin, and not at all like a blush.

If you have pale skin like myself, you really do need the NARS Sex Appeal Blush in your life as it’s incredibly flattering and it compliments any lip colour so it’s a blush collection staple and I can’t stop myself gravitating towards it in the mornings when I’m deciding which blush I want to wear.