O Way Sea Salt Spray

Oway is a brand I’ve never come across before, but their name stands for Organic Way and I can’t help but think of Friends when I think of the name Oway with Ross and Chandler’s college band; Way, No Way but alas let’s talk more about the brand and not about my weird thought process. Oway pride themselves on creating a range of products which are beautiful and luxurious yet are ethical and kind to the planet. Oway offer a range of beauty products, and I have been testing out the O Way Sea Salt Spray £23 which is described as being a beach effect texturising lotion which separates and texturises sections with medium hold and a matte effect. 

O Way Sea Salt Spray

The Sea Salt Spray can be used on both damp or dry hair about 10cm away and comes packaged within a brown glass bottle which is completely recyclable. I love using salt sprays in my hair as my hair is naturally wavy, so I’m lucky enough that I can spritz them through my damp hair and scrunch, then leave it to dry naturally for a fuss-free tousled beachy wave look.

O Way Sea Salt Spray

If you want to de-toxify yourself from chemical agents by choosing products rich in organic, bio-dynamic ingredients.
If you want to be seduced by sublime blends of essential oils, phytoperoteins and nourishing butters.
If you prefer your packaging stylish and recyclable.
If you want a brand with a human face, that buys from fair trade networks and develops Eco-sustainable products.
If you are looking for quality, consistency, transparency and enthusiasm.
And still want an exceptional hair care range that delivers salon professional efficacy.

O Way Sea Salt Spray

The O Way Sea Salt Spray contains biodynamic marrubium which reinforces the structure of the hair and is boosting natural defences against ultra-violet radiation, organic black quinoa which is rich in high-quality vegetable proteins and nourishes and protects the hair fibre. Also aamla which gives shine to the hair, nourishes and invigorates, as well as ethically-produced marula with restorative, protective and hydrating properties.

The O Way Sea Salt Spray has a really incredible scent which I didn’t expect to be honest as it doesn’t contains any artificial fragrances, but it smells exactly like lemon Starburst sweets and I love how zesty and sweet it is. It spritzes nicely through my hair, and is lightweight enough that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling laden down with product or left feeling crispy or crunchy like some salt sprays do.

I really like how much texture this O Way Sea Salt Spray gives my hair, and that I can use it when I’ve got dry hair if my hair’s looking particularly flat. It is one of the pricier salt sprays I’ve tried, but it’s good to know that it’s completely organic and good for my hair as well as the environment, but it’s also effective too.

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