£2 eBay Color Switch Dupe

Ever since Vera Mona launched on Beauty Bay, I’ve been contemplating whether I should purchase the highly coveted Color Switch but I’ve been put off ever since Rob asked me “Are you really going to pay £14 for a sponge in a tin?”, and I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase it.

I love a good dupe, and I spotted this eBay Color Switch Dupe which was just £2 instead of the £13.50 original and I just had to purchase it as I’ve found some great bargain beauty dupes on eBay and I crossed my fingers that this would be my next fabulous find. The eBay seller I found with the cheapest ‘dupe’ offered free delivery too, and although they are based in China, it only took around two and a half weeks to make its way to the UK which I thought was pretty good.

£2 eBay Color Switch Dupe

If you’re new to the whole Color Switch thing, basically it’s a ‘special’ sponge in a tin which removes powder eyeshadow from your makeup brush so you can go ahead and use your brush in another colour without having to spot clean it, making it ideal for makeup artists and anybody which used multiple eyeshadows within their eye makeup look.

I really wanted to try the Color Switch but I just couldn’t get my head around the price which is essentially a piece of sponge in a tin, so I thought the £2.00 eBay Color Switch Dupe would be the perfect alternative – if it worked…

£2 eBay Color Switch Dupe

To use the Color Switch you simply take your dirty makeup brush and swirl it around the sponge to remove your powder shadow from the bristles, ready for your next colour. My eBay Color Switch Dupe is pretty spot on visually with the original except it doesn’t have the brand sticker on the top which doesn’t bother me.

I have tried using a normal sponge to see if it would remove makeup from a brush and it didn’t work, so it must be down to the many holes within this sponge which helps to remove the shadow. I just took my brush and swirled it around my sponge until it was clean.

eBay Color Switch DupeeBay Color Switch Dupe

eBay Color Switch Dupe – does it work?!

Oh yes it did – I can’t quite believe it. I’ll be honest, it did take around 20 seconds of swirling for me to remove all of the shadow from the brush but if I wasn’t taking a photo of the brush, I would have been happy with the result after 10 seconds, but I wanted to get the brush as clean as possible for the purpose of this review.

I have tried my eBay Color Switch Dupe with both synthetic and natural bristled brushes and I do think it works better on synthetic bristles, but it definitely works on natural bristles too.

eBay Color Switch Dupe

I honestly cannot recommend this little eBay Color Switch Dupe enough – I can’t believe it’s only £2.00, and I can now use the one brush for all of my eyeshadow if I wanted to without having to spot clean my brush in between colours.

It’s such a clever little tool to have, and I’m so glad I didn’t spend £14 on the original as this bargain alternative fulfills my needs completely and I might have ordered a back up as I use it every single day. Plus once your sponge is dirty, you simply run it under a tap to clean it and let it air dry and you’re good to go again.. I absolutely love it!

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