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Freedom are the sister brand of Makeup Revolution, and from the products I’ve tried I’ve been quite impressed but I’ve felt like the quality isn’t on par with that of Makeup Revolution which is a little confusing when Freedom is marketed as being ‘MAC for the masses’ when it very clearly isn’t. However the products are reasonably good quality for their price, and well worth a look when you’re in Superdrug as they have some great products. I received the Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream £8 in a goody bag from the Makeup Revolution 2nd Birthday Party which I couldn’t attend which was such a kind gesture, and I really couldn’t wait to try it as it’s something I’ve been pondering over for a while now so it was the perfect oppurtunity to finally give it a try.

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream

The Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream is packaged within a white, squeezy plastic bottle with a nozzle which allows you to squeeze out as much or as little as you want which I really like. The cream is very slightly pearlescent and is white, but it blends out to leave a very very subtle glow to the skin which is a lot more subtle than I expected it to be as you can’t see the sheen from the blended swatch in the swatch photo.

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe CreamFreedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream

 I like to apply the cream after I’ve applied my primer before I apply my foundation as it creates a nice, subtle glow without any shimmer or shine. I expected the cream to give the same sort of effect as the MAC Strobe Cream, with the same intensity but MAC Strobe Cream is a lot more intense than this whereas the Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream acts as more of a radiant moisturiser.

Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream

Even though the effect is very subtle with the Freedom Pro Studio Strobe Cream, I still think it’s a good product as you only need a tiny amount per application but I do feel that £8 is a little too pricey for what you get in terms of product quantity, quality and in comparison to other products within the drugstore such as the L’Oreal Lumi Magique and the Revlon Skinlights; both of which offer a much more noticeable effect which I feel you need when you’re spending £8 for 50ml.

Plus the the MAC Strobe Cream is £10 for 30ml so the MAC Strobe Cream is the better option in my opinion but it all depends on what effect you’re looking for.

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