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Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette Review / Swatches

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I featured a lot of Makeup Revolution products on my blog and I decided that this year I would try and get a better balance of brands. However I’ve been asked so many times to review their new releases so I’m going to try and keep up to date with their releases although it’s pretty hard as they release something new practically every week, which can be a little overwhelming. Recently they launched a selection of new blush palettes which I had to buy, as I feel like Makeup Revolution do blushes fantastically and I was particularly intrigued by the Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette as it contained a mix of highlighters and blushes all for £6.

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette

Starting off with the packaging, I have to say I much prefer this new clear lidded packaging as their blush palettes used to be packaged within a glossy black plastic casing which was a nightmare to tell which palette is which, especially when you own more than one palette like myself.

I like that these clear lids mean I can flick through my palettes without having to open lids to look at the shades. I know some people won’t like this packaging as they’ve now dropped the mirror in favour of the clear lid, but I never use mirrors within palettes so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette

The Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette contains eight circular pans of powder, which are all supposedly blushes but the first row are definitely not blushes. The first four powders are highlighters, and the bottom row are blushers so I feel like the name might be a little misleading, although Makeup Revolution do mention in the small print that the palette contains blushes and highlights.

The price is fantastic as it works out at just 75 pence each, which is just incredible value and it allows us to experiment with shades as they’re so affordable. I personally really like the Makeup Revolution Blush Palettes as I like that I can use my brush to mix shades, and the palette is very lightweight and slim so it takes up minimal room within my collection.

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette

As I said above, the first row are all highlighters and not blushes but you could use them as blush toppers if you wanted to. The first shade looks like a beige sheen when swatched heavily, but when applied to the skin it’s actually loaded with silver shimmer which I really didn’t like on my skin as I felt like a glitter ball, but I prefer sheeny highlighters rather than glittery highlighters. The second shade is slightly cooler in tone than the first shade, and is a lot less in your face than the first shade as the shimmer is much more finely milled so it looks a lot less obvious on the skin.

The third shade looked a little intimidating in the pan as it’s almost a butter yellow shade, and the first time I used it, I went way overboard and ended up looking ridiculous. It can be worn quite sheerly like I prefer, or it can be built up but it’s more a ‘glowy’ highlight than a shimmery one which is my favourite type of highlight as it looks a lot more natural.

The fourth shade on the top row is unique to the other three shades as it doesn’t contain any shimmer or sheen at all, instead it’s more of a satin highlighter with a beige tint so it could perhaps pass as a bronzer on super pale skin but it’s my favourite shade from the top row.

Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette

Now onto the Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette blush shades.. as a whole, they’re not as smooth and soft as the highlighters, but they’re not chalky and hard to blend by any means. The first shade is a peachy coral which is the most pigmented from the row and it’s so easy to blend. The second shade is my favourite from the blushes, and is a mauvey brown shade which compliments any eye and lip colours.

The third shade is the boldest colour wise, and is a bright cool toned pink which is a little too bright for my personal preference, so I like to mix it with shade two to mute it slightly. The last blush shade is the least pigmented, and the one which lacks longevity but it’s a darker pink with a satin finish whilst the other three shades are completely matte.

Overall I feel like the Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette is a good palette with a good mixture of tones, finishes and shades which is great for such a budget friendly palette.

I don’t think the Makeup Revolution Blush Goddess Blush Palette is my favourite blush palette they’ve done as I much prefer their All About Pink Ultra Blush Palette but it’s definitely a good addition to my blush palette collection, and I have their other new blush palettes which I’ll also be featuring here on my blog very soon alongside their new eyeshadow palettes which I bought.

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