Vichy Ideal Body Collection

If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know how much I rave about Vichy as a brand; they’re definitely my favourite skincare brand, and two of my holy grail skincare products are from Vichy – the Vichy Normaderm Hyalurospot and the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Dynamic Serum, however until now I’d never tried any of their bodycare products. Recently Vichy launched their Vichy Ideal Body Collection consisting of body care products which was nicely timed, in time for Summer; the Vichy Ideal Body Collection which consists of five different products available to purchase at Escentual.

Vichy Ideal Body CollectionVichy Ideal Body Collection

Vichy Ideal Body Dry Oil 100ml £20

A multipurpose oil for the body, face and hair which really appealed to me as usually with oils like this, you can only normally use them on the body and hair but this can be used on your face too which highlights how good its ingredients must be. The Dry Oil is impressively blended with over ten luxurious oils, including; Apricot kernel, Passionflower, Corn, Rice Bran, Sunflower, Blackcurrant Pips, Rosehip, Coriander, Macadamia and Jojoba oils.

This Dry Oil can be applied to the skin before bathing for super soft skin, or applied to the skin after a shower or bath, and to damp or dry hair. Vichy recommend not spraying the oil directly onto the face – instead spraying into your palm and then massaging into the skin to protect the eyes.

The packaging for the oil is just stunning, with a weighty glass bottle with the golden coloured oil. The bottle has a great pump which dispenses a fine spray of oil which I spritz directly onto my body, and it really does have a dry touch consistency, as my hands don’t feel at all greasy or sticky after massaging the oil into my skin, in fact I could pick up my phone and use it straight away without having to wipe my hands first which never happens with body lotions or oils.

I really like how lightweight this oil is, especially in the heat as I hate my skin feeling sticky or covered in product but this is so lightweight that my skin isn’t left feeling suffocated and tacky, and I’m able to get dress immediately after application which is something I really appreciate. I cannot not mention the gorgeous scent of this oil.. it’s quite hard to describe, but it’s a little bit fruity but to me it smells almost like holidays and suncream which makes me love it even more.

Vichy Ideal Body CollectionVichy Ideal Body CollectionVichy Ideal Body Collection

Vichy Ideal Body Balm 200ml £18

This was the product I was most looking forward to trying from the Vichy Ideal Body Collection, and is described as a skin-softening moisturiser that improves your skin’s resilience and texture. It’s a Vichy first in that it contains Hyaluronic Acid and LHA which have been combined with 10 luxurious oils and Shea Butter to help the skin feel firmer and smoother whilst providing long lasting hydration. I always tend to favour skincare products which contain Hylauronic Acid so I figured it’d work well for the body too which it really does.

It is said to be formulated with the power and efficacy of Vichy face care products, and works to smooth and firm your body whilst adding radiance to your skin with refortifying Vichy Thermal Spring Water.

The Balm is enriched with plumping Hyaluronic acid, conditioning shea butter and exfoliating LHA’s to keep skin looking healthy and radiant. The Balm has a thick, almost whipped consistency which I thought might be a little greasy as it’s so rich, but it’s quite lightweight and melts into the skin with very little effort.

My super dry skin drinks this balm up, and it leaves my skin feeling silky, smooth and very soft all day long until I reapply the next day, but I’m not sure I could agree with the claims that it ‘hydrates your skin for over 48 hours’ as I definitely need to reapply daily, but nonetheless it’s a decadent, rich and beautiful balm which leaves my skin feeling lovely, and smelling amazing – what more could you ask for?!

Vichy Ideal Body Collection

Vichy Ideal Body Serum Milk 200ml £16

I wasn’t entirely sure where the Serum Milk would fit into the Vichy Ideal Body Collection and my routine between the Dry Oil and the Body Balm, but I’d never tried a Serum Milk before so I was intrigued to see how it’d compare to the silkiness of the oil, and the richness of the balm. The Serum-Milk is said to be ideal to achieve firmer feeling, smoother and more radiant looking skin, and it contains the same 10 luxurious oils as the Dry Oil and Body Balm, as well as the Hyaluronic Acid, LHA’s and Shea Butter as the Body Balm.

The serum-milk formula claims to provide 48 hour hydration with a lightweight texture that melts effortlessly into the skin. It is formulated with mother-of-pearl particles to supposedly enhance the look of the skin, and it also contains a nourishing blend of hyaluronic acid and conditioning oils which work to plump, moisturise and firm.

 I didn’t know what consistency to expect with the Serum Milk, but the consistency is like that of a body lotion rather than a serum or milk but it has the soothing effect of a serum, and the texture of a body milk so it’s a rather strange product. I’ve enjoyed using the Serum Milk in the mornings, and the Body Balm in the evenings with the Dry Oil as an additional step for both morning and night, but I have to say I’m preferring to use the oil for my face and hair as I just love how lightweight it is.

I’ve found that the Vichy Ideal Body Serum-Milk doesn’t absorb into the skin as quickly as the Balm or Oil, but it does go further so it’s better suited for perhaps all over moisture whereas the oil and balm are good for problem areas. I can’t say I’ve noticed any enhancements in the appearance of my skin thanks to the mother of pearl extracts, but it definitely does leave a subtle sheen to the skin which I like during the Summer when I’m flashing a little more flesh than normal for an extra confidence boost.

Vichy Ideal Body Collection

Vichy Ideal Body Hand & Nail Cream SPF 15 40ml £7.50

My hands are going through such a dry spell recently which is strange seeing that the weather is pretty pleasant, as my hands usually suffer the most during the colder months so I was looking forward to trying this hand cream. The Hand & Nail Cream is the perfect way to keep hands looking healthy and youthful. The cream is enriched with a caring blend of hyaluronic acid, LHA’s, ceramides, vitamin C and 10 luxurious oils, and will work to reduce the appearance of dark spots, whilst improving the quality and strength of the nails.

The cream is quite thick and it doesn’t go very far so I really wish it came in a bigger tube as I don’t think this 40ml tube will last me very long at all, as I’ve already used half of it in just under two weeks. I can’t recall ever using an handcream which contained an SPF but I think it’s a great addition, especially as the hands are often forgotten about when it comes to a suncream application. This cream is just lovely, and one of the nicest hand creams I’ve tried.

It absorbs into the skin quickly without leaving behind any residue or greasiness and leaves my hands feeling incredibly silky smooth, but I’ve not noticed any improvement in my nails since I started using it, but it’s such a lovely handcream and once I’d definitely repurchase, and I like that the scent matches the Body Balm and Serum Milk from the Vichy Ideal Body Collection too – matchy matchy heaven.

Have you tried anything from the Vichy Ideal Body Collection?

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