Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water

When it comes to makeup or skincare, I think we all have a preference over which we prefer and for myself, I definitely prefer makeup but over the last couple of years, I’ve become a lot more interested in good skincare but my love will always be with makeup. I do really like trying new skincare products but I’m rarely excited about a new release, but when I heard about the new range of Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water which are launching in July, I was very excited as I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Ole Henriksen, and I am obsessed with using facial waters. I know the word ‘obsessed’ is seriously overused on blogs/YouTube but I genuinely am obsessed with using facial waters within my skincare routine, and use at least one three times a day.

Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water

There are three different types within the Ole Henriksen Facial Water range and I opted for the Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water as I thought it was best suited for my skin type but all three sounded amazing, and like they’d they all have some benefits for my skin.

The Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water is described as being an energizing and hydrating facial mist that features a citrus botanical blend of sweet orange and mandarin oils, red and green tea, and pomegranate extracts, and it’s described as being perfect for those with dullness and an uneven tone which is exactly what I need.

Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water

The Ole Henriksen Facial Waters contain 118ml and retail for £18 which might sound pretty pricey for a facial spray but this isn’t just a water mist which you’d use for a cooling sensation, it’s a skincare product which actually benefits your skin and is full of skin-loving ingredients so you’ll notice results from using it.

The dispenser on the bottle is really good, and spritzes a fine and even mist which covers the whole face in just two spritzes so I imagine this bottle will last for a few months with daily use in the morning and at night. One of my favourite things about the Truth Water is that it has a lovely, light citrus scent which matches the colour of the water perfectly. The scent isn’t too strong and it dissipates within seconds, but it just gives my skin a refreshing boost, especially in the mornings.

Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water

I religiously use chemical exfoliators every single day as I find they’re so effective for my dry patches, but they can leave my skin feeling slightly tight immediately after so I like to follow with an hydrating facial mist to reduce any tightness and add a little extra moisture. 

When I first use the Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water, it did leave my skin tingling slightly for a couple of minutes which worried me incase it was going to cause an allergic reaction as my skin is so sensitive but the tingling disappeared quickly but I feel that you can ‘feel’ it working with the slight tingle on application although the tingle might be just because my skin is very sensitive. 

Whenever I use this Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water, it leaves my skin feeling so comfortable and smooth and a lot more hydrated – so much so, it leaves my skin feeling as if I’ve just applied an hydrating serum. I never use this spray in the place of a serum or moisturiser, but it definitely gives my skin the feeling that I’ve already applied my skincare products and my serum and moisturiser feel like they absorb quicker when using this spray beforehand.

I really appreciate the citrus scent, but I really do feel like this facial mist works and it’s been a very welcome addition to my skincare routine and I’m very intrigued by the two other mists within the range.

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