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Coastal Scents Shadow Pots Collection – Review & Swatches

Over the last few months, I’ve become rather obsessed with solo eyeshadow pans as I love the convenience of being able to make your own palette and my favourite brand for eyeshadow pans is Makeup Geek, but I’d heard so much about the Coastal Scents Shadow Pots that I really wanted to try them. I noticed that Coastal Scents had a 24 hour offer where they had all of the Coastal Scents Shadow Pots on offer for $0.99 instead of their normal $1.95 making them just 74 pence each which is just crazy, and too good an offer to miss. I ordered 15 shades in total and I had a $5 discount code which took my order to just $9.85 (yes £7.37 for 15 eyeshadows) and shipping to the UK was $19.24 which is £14.40 which felt a little steep considering it’s double the price of the shadows.

My Coastal Scents Shadow Pots Collection - Review & Swatches

When I placed my order, quite a few shades had sold out which was to be expected considering they were half price but I’m still very happy with my shade choices, but it’s a little overwhelming as they have over 300 shades. I tried to make sure I order a good mixture of finishes, tones and colours but let’s face it.. I’m a neutral girl through and through, so you’re not going to see bright pops of colour in my custom palettes but I did get a couple of colours.

My Coastal Scents Shadow Pots Collection - Review & Swatches

The cost for the 15 shadows with shipping was $29.09 after the $5 discount making it £21.77, and I needed to make sure the total was under $35 to avoid customs fees and sure enough I didn’t get any which I’m very pleased about, so I’ll definitely order again and keep under the $30 mark to avoid extortionate surprise customs fees.

Even though the shipping is pretty high, it worked out that each shadow was £1.45 a pan which was such amazing value and my order came quickly in around seven days too so I was really impressed. I keep my Coastal Scents Shadow Pots inside a Morphe Empty Magnetic Palette which is just £14.50 and it holds an impressive 40 eyeshadow pans, and is much better than the Z Palettes in my opinion.

Coastal Scents Shadow Pots

Chamois Nude – matte neutral hue with sheer application.

Champagne Orange – soft, bubbly orange hue with a satin finish.

Mai Tai – mauve hue with a silver shimmer.

Frosty Taupe – deep, iridescent taupe hue with a shimmery finish.

Kokomo Cafe – creamy brown hue with a soft, matte finish.

Coastal Scents Shadow Pots

Barista – warm brown hue with a smooth, matte finish.

New Terrain – rich brown hue with a matte finish.

Pure Bronze – lush bronze hue with a shimmery finish.

Deep Merlot – burgundy-silver hue with a shimmer finish.

Cocoa Diamond – decadent brown hue with a shimmer finish.

Coastal Scents Shadow Pots

Timeless Taupe – antique brownish-grey hue with a matte finish.

Dark Golden Olive – shimmering, deep green hue with iridescent golden sparks.

Kodiak – shimmery golden brown hue.

Raisin Berry – stunning maroon hue with a shimmer finish.

Chocolate Berry – rich brown hue with maroon undertones and a shimmer finish.

All of the shade descriptions are the Coastal Scent descriptions for each shade, and as you can see, they’re a little romantic for eyeshadow shades but I think they’re accurate shade descriptions nonetheless. I don’t know what I was expecting from the Coastal Scents Shadow Pots, but I certainly didn’t expect the pigmentation and quality that I got – I can’t quite believe these swatches are 74 pence eyeshadows, especially when you compare the quality to the likes of MAC.

Out of all 15 shades I bought, the only disappointing shade was Timeless Taupe but it’s not even that disappointing, it’s just below par in terms of pigmentation in comparison to the other 14 shades. All of the shades are buttery soft, and easy to apply and blend but they are prone to quite a lot of fallout which isn’t ideal but I really can’t complain considering how affordable they are.

I’ve been keeping an eye on the website for their next $0.99 deal so I can stock up on another 15 shades as I’m just so blown away by my first selection of shades, with my standouts being New Terrain, Pure Bronze and Kodiak but I genuinely love all of the shades that I chose and I’m so pleased I finally bit the bullet and tried them as they’re fantastic shadows.

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