Elegant Touch Soak ‘Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

7th July 2016

I am such a massive nail polish fan and I like to change my nail polish at least twice a week, but I absolutely hate how laborious nail polish removal is especially when using glitter polishes. I’m always on the lookout for a nail polish removal solution which will remove my polishes without leaving my nails and cuticles looking and feeling dry and uncomfortable so I was looking forward to trying the new Elegant Touch Soak ‘Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets £7.95. I’ve always repurchased the Elegant Touch Super Strength Nail Polish Remover as it’s very affordable, but it removes my polish so quickly so I had high hopes for their new remover sachets.

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

The Elegant Touch Soak ‘Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets’s box contains 100 sachets in total, and they claim to be a ‘groundbreaking way’ to remove nail polish, press-on gel nails, glitter polishes, gel polish and acrylics. Elegant Touch describe the sachets as; “no-mess and no-stress, simply peel, wrap around the nail and leave on for 10 minutes before removing to reveal clean & healthy nails”.

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

The description on the website is a little different to that on the box, as it says; buff, insert, wrap and remove. The box doesn’t contain any buffing devices within the box so I was unsure what or how to buff the nails and I think that Elegant Touch should have included a buffer within the box if it’s needed to make the sachets work.

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

The Elegant Touch Soak ‘Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets contains 100 sachets which is enough to remove ten manicures as you need to use a sachet per nail so they’re obviously not as cost effective as using a liquid remover and cotton wool, but these sachets are all about the convenience factor. The sachets contain a rectangular piece of cotton-like material which is coated in peach scented remover which I really like  as it does smell lovely even though the remover is acetone based.

The box doesn’t mention anywhere how long you need to leave the sachets in place, it just says insert, wrap and remove so understandably I was pretty disappointed when I tried them the first few times and they did absolutely nothing to my nail polish. After looking online, I tried leaving them for the ten minutes and they do perform better but they didn’t wow me like I thought they would. I use one of my nail buffers to buff the top of my polish before inserting the nails into the sachet to help the acetone penetrate the polish.

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets

I think these sachets are going to be great for those who are travelling and not wanting to take remover and cotton wool away with them, but I just don’t think they’re for everyday use as I don’t find the sachets to be saturated enough to remove my polish. I’ve only tried the removal sachets with standard polish and they didn’t perform very well so I can’t imagine they’d be very effective on gel polish but obviously I don’t know for sure.

What I did do to make the sachets remove my polish better, was to tip a little polish remover into the sachet which definitely helped but I shouldn’t have to add extra polish remover just to get them to work. I really wanted to love these sachets as they sounded like the perfect solution for nail polish removal, but for me sadly, they’re just not very effective..

Elegant Touch Soak 'Em Off Acetone Remover Sachets 1
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