Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette

16th July 2016

Ghost is one of my most loved fragrance brands, and I don’t feel like their fragrances get enough credit especially as they’re so budget friendly. I love the original Ghost fragrance, but the Ghost Eclipse fragrance is one of my all time favourites so I always look forward to their new releases. The newest launch is the Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette which was designed in collaboration with The Perfume Shop which is pretty exciting, especially as it’s a limited edition fragrance.

The process behind Whitelight is really interesting – during the creative design process, Ghost drew on the sensory knowledge of the in-store experts at The Perfume Shop; sending vials of the fragrance to 266 stores across the UK. A total of 1200 experts at The Perfume Shop hand-selected their preferred vials, providing sought-after feedback to determine the final Ghost Whitelight fragrance.

Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette

The Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette’s bottle has a beautiful holographic effect which is so unlike the rest of the Ghost fragrance line, and I think the holographic finish goes well with the fragrance’s name. The bottle has the same crescent moon shape as Ghost’s Deep Night and Eclipse scents and the holographic finish really catches the light beautifully.

The Whitelight fragrance is described as being a fresh, crisp and pure scent with top notes of peach, mandarin and pear, and with an heart of jasmine, violet and rose and a base of patchouli, amber and vanilla.

Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette

If I’m honest, the first time I tried the Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette, I wasn’t a fan as it smelt very powdery on contact with the skin but upon drydown it looses its initial powdery scent to become more fruity and sweet. Whitelight is one of the hardest fragrances to describe as it’s rather unique, but it reminds me of a fruity washing powder in that it smells very clean and fresh but with a fruity twist too which I know isn’t the best description I must apologise.

Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette

Ghost Whitelight Eau de ToiletteThe Perfume Shop – £25-£34

I would describe Whitelight as being more of a statement scent like their Deep Night fragrance, and it does actually remind me of Deep Night except Whitelight is sweeter and considerably less woody in comparison. Seeing as it’s a limited edition fragrance, I’d really recommend giving it a try next time you’re passing The Perfume Shop as I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and captivated by the holographic bottle.

Ghost Whitelight Eau de Toilette 1
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