MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick

13th July 2016

When the MAC Vibe Tribe makeup collection launched, it caused a lot of controversy regarding cultural appropriation which you can read about here, which I don’t support but I just fell in love with the MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick and knew I had to add it to my collection. MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick is the most perfect peachy coral shade, which I think would look a little too garish on my complexion if it wasn’t for the forgiving sheer finish of MAC‘s Lustre formula.

MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick

Pure Vanity is quite sheer, but it can be built up to be a little more intense in a couple of swipes and I’d describe the formula as being similar to that of the YSL Rouge Volupté Lipsticks in terms of creaminess, and comfort.

MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick

Due to the sheer nature of the MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick, it can look too pale on those with darker pigmented lips but it looks true to colour on my lips as they’re pretty pale in comparison. Pure Vanity is easy to apply, and it imparts a subtle sheen to the lips which does wear away within an hour of application but the colour does last for around two to three hours in total depending on eating and drinking.

MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick

Although Pure Vanity was launched as part of the MAC Vibe Tribe collection this year, it also launched as part of the MAC is Beauty collection early last year so it’s a shade to look out for as MAC like to repromote quite a lot of their lipstick shades. In response to the controversy, MAC definitely should have acknowledged the Native American culture and given credit to their traditions which obviously inspired the collection as it’s important to pay credit where credit is due especially as this isn’t MAC’s first cultural appropriation incident.

What do you think of the Vibe Tribe Collection?

MAC Pure Vanity Lustre Lipstick 1
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