W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams

W7 is one of my favourite budget brands, and although sometimes I’m left quite disappointed by some of their releases, more often than not I am impressed with their products so I’m always eager to try their new launches. When I saw the launch of the W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams, I ordered all five straight away as I love a cream eyeshadow and they were really budget friendly at just £2.95 each, I figured they were well worth a shot. The W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams are described as having a lightly whipped consistency which glides easily over the eye, drying to a crease proof shimmering finish.

W7 Eye Dream Shadow CreamsW7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams

The W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams are packaged within a lipgloss-like packaging, with a long plastic tube with a doefoot applicator which is weirdly very long compared to any other doefoot applicator I’ve used.

Each of the tubes have a suction valve at the opening which helps to remove any excess product from the applicator but it’s not particularly effective as it doesn’t remove any product from the tip of the applicator which makes application very messy, so I’d recommend scraping off as much product as you can into the tube before applying the cream to your lid to minimise any mess.

W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams

Rose Garden – described by W7 as a “shimmery rose gold” which is a strange name and description as I can’t detect any rose within this shade at all. In my opinion, I feel like Rose Garden and Copper Pot have the wrong names as Rose Garden is the perfect copper shade.

Heavy Metal – described by W7 as a “silver colour with a hint of purple” which is a fair representation of the shade, although it has the most amazing duochrome effect which my camera didn’t want to show sadly but trust me, it’s absolutely stunning as it’s silver with a purple shift.

Copper Pot – described by W7 as a “bronze” but like I said with Rose Garden, I think they have their names mixed up as this is more of a shimmery rose gold than a copper, but it does pull quite olive toned in this photo but I’ve no idea why as it’s very much a rosy gold shades.

New Sensation – described by W7 as a “dark brown” which is pretty spot on, although it’s a rich chocolate brown with golden shimmer rather than being just a flat dark brown.

Gilded Cage – described by W7 as a “light natural cream shimmer”, which is another accurate description – the perfect light cream shade.

The W7 Eye Dream Shadow Creams shades are just beautiful, and they’re all very multidimensional which is so impressive considering they’re only £2.95 although they’re not perfect – let me explain.

The consistency is just like the description in that they have a slightly whipped formula which is intensely pigmented but it took me a fair few tries to get application right and in all honesty if the shades weren’t as pretty as they are, I wouldn’t have tried as much as I have to make them work but I just love the colours. The whipped formula is their downside as they take a long time to dry and you can’t just use the doefoot to apply the cream all over the lid as it smears everywhere the minute you blink.

I’ve found the best application method is to use your finger to pick up some of the cream to apply to the lid very sparingly and sheerly to make a base, and once the base layer has completely dried, I go ahead and do exactly the same with another sparingly light layer to build up the colour intensity but light enough that the layers can fully dry without creasing or smearing all over my eye socket area.

I’m not going to lie, they’re a bit of a faff to apply as it takes about ten minutes to do both eyes but I feel like the colours are worth the extra effort but I wish I could just apply, blend and go like all of my other cream shadows. If you’ve not got the inclination to layer the shadow to keep it in place, then I wouldn’t recommend these at all but if like me, you feel that the colours are pretty enough to warrant the extra faff then I’d really recommend them as they are so pretty.

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