Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun

With living in the UK summer is usually a very fleeting season where we get a few hot days and that’s it, but this year we’ve had a proper summer which has been very nice but I’m not going to lie, I’m looking forward to the temperatures reducing as the humidity is so uncomfortable, especially at night. The Solar UV Index has been ranked as being ‘high’ to ‘very high’ for much of July and August so I’d be looking into which sun protection products to use as I fancied a change from the La Roche Posay products I used last summer. This summer I decided to opt for Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun as I’ve become a big fan of their skincare range, but I’d never ventured into their suncare range so I was interested to see if it was as impressive as their skincare products.

Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun

 I had no idea that Clarins had such a wide range of suncare options but they have products for face and body in different textures; milk, oil and cream, and SPF factors of 15, 30 and 50. Read on to see my Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun picks..

Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun

The first of my Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun products  is the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for Face SPF50 75ml £20. Finding good quality, non-greasy facial suncare is quite difficult especially if you want a product you can wear under makeup. Clarins describe the cream as being a moisturiser which prevents sun-induced age spots, and contains smart multi-cellular technology so it’s a sun protection and an anti-ager all in one.

The cream contains;

Kiwi (contains seven vitamins especially vitamin C & E), Aloe Vera (known for its softening, moisturising and regenerating tendencies and can help stimulate the circulation and encourage healing), Senna (known to protect cell DNA from the harmful effects from the sun), Olive Tree (the leaves have an healing an toning action and is extremely moisturising), Plane Tree (contains Betulinic Acid which has been discovered to remove deficient cells and maintain optimal cellular integrity) and Baobab (an emollient, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and rejuvenator).

Described as being a facial suncream, it should be used on the face, neck and decolletage and has a thin milky consistency which feels exceptionally lightweight for a facial SPF. It doesn’t smell like a suncream either which I greatly appreciate for the face.. instead it smells like Clarins skincare, a scent you’ll recognise if you’ve tried their skincare products.

Due to the lightweight consistency, the cream absorbs into the skin in seconds and I love that it doesn’t leave my face looking very shiny like most SPFs do so I think this would perhaps work well for those with oily skin too as it doesn’t leave any residue or slip on the skin but it’s not mattifying either; it’s the perfect middle ground. I would recommend using no more than a £2 sized amount if you’re going to apply makeup over the top as a little goes a long way, but it does sit nicely under my makeup which I really like.

Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun

For my body’s SPF I am quite fussy as I hate wearing suncream which feels greasy or leaves my skin feeling suffocated but I still like to feel I’m wearing sun protection for peace of mind as I’m so pale and burn ridiculously easy. I chose the Clarins Sun Care Milk Lotion Spray SPF50 150ml £22 from the Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun range as I much prefer a spray bottle than a fliptop lidded bottle as I find it easier to apply, and the consistency is usually a lot thinner for it to be dispensed through a spray bottle.

The Milk-Lotion Spray is described as being lightweight yet is water and perspiration resistant whilst offering the body protection from the damaging effects from sun exposure, and it even won the GQ Grooming Awards award for ‘best suncare product’. Ingredients wise, the Milk Lotion contains the same plant based ingredients as mentioned above for the facial SPF.

I hope you can see from my photo above, how thin and lightweight the spray is as that’s just one spray of the pump on the bottle. I would definitely say that this is the most lightweight sun protection I’ve ever used, and I can’t believe it’s an SPF50 as it feels more like a body milk than a suncream and absorbs just as fast.

I expected this spray to have more a suncream scent but just like the aforementioned facial SPF, it smells more of a skincare product which I actually much prefer as the suncream stench can be somewhat off putting but when I apply this milk to my skin, I’m not desperate to shower it off as it smells so lovely. After using this, and loving it so much, I think I’d struggle to go back to using a thick lotion again as this is just so much more comfortable on the skin and I like that it’s perspiration resistant as well as water resistant too. Maybe I’m tempting fate here, but I am yet to burn since using this cream which is no mean feat when you’re practically see through…

Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun

After a day in the sun, if you’re anything like me your skin is left feeling pretty dry so I’m always desperate to slather on some aftersun – the Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating 200ml £22 is a real treat for the skin and senses. The Clarins After Sun Moisturizer Ultra Hydrating is suitable for normal, oily, combination and dry skin types and is described as having a cream consistency which is a post-sun skin soother that intensively restores moisture, softness and comfort as well as helping to prevent peeling and prolonging a tan. I never ever tan which doesn’t bother me so prolonging a tan isn’t a requirement I look for in an aftersun, but I definitely need one which will help prevent peeling as my dry skin loves to peel after sun exposure especially if I’ve had any minor sunburn incidents.

The After Sun contains;

Sunflower (the oil and wax from the seeds have moisturising and protective benefits), Mimosa Tenuiflora (has a therapeutic benefits and helps to restore damaged epidermis), Watermelon (due it’s 90% water content, it’s the perfect thirst quencher and contains a wealth of vitamins and amino acids which together provide toning benefits), Shea (shea butter is exceptionally rich in antioxidants) and Safflower (an active ingredient used by the Clarins labs to stimulate tanning and has emollient and moisturising properties).

I love this after sun so much and would happily use it all year round to keep my skin intensively moisturised as it’s so soothing which is ideal for skin that’s had a lot of sun exposure. You could keep the tube in the fridge for an even greater soothing potential. I would describe the consistency as being almost a gel-based moisturiser which again is extremely lightweight and quick to absorb, with the signature Clarins skincare scent that you can’t help but love. I’ve not experienced any peeling since I introduced this Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun into my suncare routine, and I cannot recommend it enough and I’ve even used it on my face which I’m not sure you’re supposed to do, but my super sensitive skin hasn’t had any issues at all.

Have you ever tried any of the Clarins Sun Protection and After Sun? Do you have any favourites?

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