Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

If you follow Elizabeth Arden on any of their social media outlets, I’m pretty certain you’ve seen the massive buzz surrounding the launch of the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield 40ml £55, which is an extension to their already popular Prevage range described as the following;

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

Combining pollution and UV protection with DNA Enzyme Complex™, the moisturising lotion expertly shields skin from harmful UV rays with 100% mineral broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen, and supports the skin’s natural repair process to help strengthen and protect from free radicals.

Anti-Pollution technology creates an invisible barrier to help prevent the penetration of harmful toxins, and its sheer, universal tint and optical diffusers leave skin with a smooth, radiant appearance. The antioxidant-rich formula helps to maintain the optimum health of adventurous skin.”

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

The claims behind the Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield really are impressive, especially that it claims to screen out skin-dulling pollutants and 98% of UVB rays. 80% of all signs of skin aging are due to environmental aggressors such as UV rays, Pollution and Smoke.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield


Recent studies reveal air pollution is directly correlated to a rise in dark spots, inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles.** PREVAGE® City Smart protects against pollution with Anti-Pollution Shield Technology and a patent-pending highly potent Anti-Pollution Complex featuring Idebenone.


Sun exposure is well known to be a major cause of visible skin aging. PREVAGE® City Smart defends against UVA and UVB rays with a 100% Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen.


While cells naturally produce DNA repair enzymes that help counteract damage, as we age the levels of these enzymes drop, making the process less effective. PREVAGE® City Smart strengthens skin’s natural defenses with a DNA Enzyme Complex™.

Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart SPF50 Hydrating Shield is dispensed through a pump which allows for good control which is key as the consistency is quite thin and runny so I simply dispense half a pump onto the back of my hand and then apply it to my face with my fingertips as a last step within my skincare routine.

The first time I tried the fluid I was instantly taken aback by how dark it looked, as it resembled more of a foundation than a skincare product and I assumed it’d look awful on me as my skin is so pale. Luckily for me it does blend into the skin very well, and although there definitely is a tint, it’s not too obvious and you don’t have to worry about blending it on to the neck although I would still recommend doing so to protect the neck as well as the face.

What I really like about the Prevage City Smart is how easy it is to apply and slot into my existing skincare routine as it’s such a simple step considering how beneficial it is for the skin. There have been a rise in the amount of products which offer pollution protection, but I like that Elizabeth Arden have stats to back the efficacy of their product up.

I’ve seen bloggers comment that they don’t need ‘pollution protection’ as they don’t live in a city, but even so there is still pollutants within the atmosphere wherever you are which are harmful to skin and let’s face it, prevention is always better than cure.

I’d love to know if you use any pollution protection within your skincare routine currently?

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