STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks

STIKS Cosmetiks is a US 100% cruelty, paraben and gluten free makeup brand which produce innovatively shaped lipsticks; Lipstiks which were designed to be practical, easy, quick and convenient. STIKS Cosmetiks are sold on their website in the US, but Fabled here in the UK also have a selection of their Lipstiks. I have two of the STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks in the shades; Red and Cinnamon which are £15 each. If I’m honest, I’d never heard of the brand before I received these lipsticks so I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never seen a review on their products before.

STIKS Cosmetiks LipstiksSTIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks

The STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks are packaged within silver plastic rectangular casing, with a clear slanted lid. I’m not going to lie, the packaging does feel quite cheap which I guess is down to the silver plastic as it wouldn’t look or feel as cheap if it was say black plastic. The lipstick itself is also rectangular shaped with a slanted, angular tip and the lipstick can be moved up and down by twisting the base of the rectangular tube.

STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks

The packaging is designed so it can fit into a pocket should you wish to carry your lipstick in a pocket although I wouldn’t recommend it as the heat from your body will make the lipstick more likely to snap, but the lid can be flipped open. Apart from being carried in a pocket, I can’t honestly understand the need for this shape as it doesn’t enhance application but I guess it certainly is innovative.

The downside of the packaging is that the gap between the top of the lipstick and the lid is very minimal and it’s very easy to catch it on the lid, which I did with both the first time I used them.

STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks

The STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks in Red is a beautiful, classical red with a flattering blue undertone which gives the illusion of whiter teeth making it the perfect staple shade within your collection.

The STIKS Cosmetiks Lipstiks in Cinnamon is described as a ‘spicy brown’ which isn’t the best for my super pale skintone, but perhaps it would be better suited for those with darker skintones who favour the 90’s nudey brown lip. The pigmentation of both lipsticks is very good, and they don’t feel at all waxy but I just can’t get my head around the shape and the packaging and I’m entirely sure they’re worth £15 each.

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