Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush

19th September 2016

I have enough hair brushes to last me a lifetime but I ordered the Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush £10.95 from Amazon after watching a YouTube tutorial as it looked like the perfect solution for straightening the hair whilst blow drying so you didn’t need to use hair straighteners. I have super long, fine hair and a lot of it so it takes a long time to dry and straighten it so I’m always on the hunt for products or devices which will quicken the process. The Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush features natural boar bristles which claim to gently “grip the hair and smooth the cuticle for a straight, glossy and manageable look”.

Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush

The Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush has a rubberised coating for extra grip and has two plates with bristles on for clamping down on the hair whilst blowdrying. Each of the two plates have vented thermoceramic plates which allows you to use your hairdryer through the vents to dry the hair whilst it’s being gripped by the brush, and the vents allow the hair to circulate freely – but the directions point out, you must use your hairdryer on a medium heat when using the brush. The ceramic plates help to absorb the heat from the hairdryer and ensures an even heat distribution to avoid hot spots and hair damage.

Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening BrushDenman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush

In theory, the Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush sounds like an answer to my blowdrying prayers but unfortunately I just haven’t gotten along with it and trust me,  I’ve tried very hard to love it. The bristles are densely packed into little ‘sprouts’ all over the plates and these bristles really do grip the hair, and as my hair is so incredibly thick, I find that the plates grip my hair and it’s extremely hard to then pull the brush through the hair.

Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush

I feel like the bristles are too densely packed as they just don’t allow me to move the brush through my hair, no matter how hard I try to pull it. I’ve tried using the brush on smaller, thinner sections which it obviously performs better with, but I haven’t got the time nor inclination to dry my hair in one inch pieces as it’d take my literally hours.

The brush is very well made and it does leave my hair looking super shiny when I use it on dry hair but it’s definitely not effective for those with long and/or thick hair. I really like the concept of this brush so I might try and find a similar brush from another brand where there aren’t as many bristles packed into the plates but again I don’t want to waste any more money on a brush which I can’t use in the way it’s intended so I’ll probably stick to using a normal hairbrush.

Denman ThermoCeramic Straightening Brush 1
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