Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare Review

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare is the newest launch from Giorgio Armani as part of their #PrimaSkinStories campaign, and is the first complete skincare line that is said to improve the skin’s quality and enhances makeup glow so it lasts all day long. The Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare line is born from an unique collaboration between Linda Cantello, International Make-Up Artist Giorgio Armani and Giorgio Armani Laboratories and consists of products for the face, lips and eyes.

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare

Armani Prima’s revolutionary new skincare products contain a special blend of active ingredients that according to the product, maintains skin’s moisture levels, regulates sebum production and strengthens the skin barrier so that the face keeps the glow of just applied makeup with visible benefits all day.

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare

The Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare is a super luxurious, highend range and their prices reflect this with the whole range being sold at House of Fraser. I’ve tried a fair few Giorgio Armani makeup products but until trying this new range, I’d never tried any of their skincare products before so I was most intrigued to see how their skincare compared to their makeup.

There are six products in total within the Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare range and I’ve had the pleasure of trialling three from the range for the past few weeks and I couldn’t wait to type up my thoughts as I’m genuinely very impressed. The packaging is simply stunning with a sleek white and silver colour scheme which have somewhat of a clinical vibe to them; but in a good way considering the science behind the range.

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare Glow-On Moisturising Balm £62

The Glow-on Moisturizing Balm is the cornerstone of the ARMANI PRIMA line. It was formulated to achieve glow and plump and maximum moisture that last 24 hours. Skin is deeply moisturized, replumped with heightened radiance. Perfect compatibility with foundation for an easy and fault proof makeup application. 

Immediately, skin is deeply moisturized, replumped with heightened radiance. At the end of the day, skin quality and moisture level is maintained. Foundation looks fresh, as if just applied. After four weeks, overall skin quality is improved. More comfortable, supple, nourished. Fine lines look evened out.”

When I first tried this Balm, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect as balms tend to have quite a thick consistency so they wouldn’t necessarily be a product I’d want to apply makeup over. The packaging of the balm is definitely the most luxe from trio with a lovely, weighty pot complete with a mini spatula for a hygienic application of product.

The balm does undeniably have a thick consistency but it’s not as rich as I thought it would be and I would describe it as being a slightly lighter version of the Creme de La Mer Moisturizing Cream which I really like but I do find it a little intensive for application in the mornings but this balm is the ideal alternative. To use the balm I scoop out a small amount and apply it to the back of my hand as I find the warmth of my skin helps to melt the balm into the skin, and it feels like it almost has a whipped consistency as it feels relatively lightweight which is surprising for such a moisturising balm.

I find that I need to scoop out around two to three small scoops of product for my whole face as my skin appears to absorb the balm instantly. With richer face creams, although they do fully absorb into the skin, I often feel like you can still ‘feel’ the product on the skin but this Glow-On Moisturizing Balm is practically weightless in comparison as it leaves absolutely no tack or residual slip on the skin which I imagine is why makeup sits so perfectly on top as it acts like a magnet.

When using this balm, I can happily skip a makeup primer as I find it primes my skin perfectly and makes my makeup application routine feel a little nicer especially as the balm has a subtle sweet-floral scent. Although it’s hard to sometimes see a visible improvement to the skin with some products, I must comment on the surprising improvement in the skin on the back of my hand where I scoop the balm on to before applying to my face as it is considerably smoother, nourished and plumped so I’m very confident it’s doing the same for my face too.

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance SkincareEye and Lip Contour Perfector £35

Eye & Lip Contour Perfector  reduces dark circles and under eye puffiness over time and immediately lines and dark circles are blurred. Light reflection on the skin surface is amplified to make eyes look brighter and skin looks more luminous. Application and hold of dark circle concealer are improved.

Lips & contours are smoothed, preventing lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines. At the end of the day, skin feels more comfortable, supple and nourished. After four weeks, dark circles appear reduced, the outline of eyes and lips appear more defined. A new gesture in the daily beauty routine for lips and eyes that ensures a fresh and radiant appearance all day long.

The Contour Perfector is packaged within a thin tube and has a balm-like texture which is quite thin, almost like a lip balm or a slightly watered down makeup primer. The Contour Perfector contains a powerful trio of Glycerine, Jojoba butter and Hydralip to nourish and plump the skin including any wrinkles or lines.

I wasn’t entirely sure how to use this product when I first got it as I don’t have any wrinkles as such yet although I know they’re coming as I’m 30 next year (gulp) but even without wrinkles it somehow plumps the skin around my eyes for a healthier, brighter appearance. When applied to the lips prior to lipstick, it prevents any feathering or bleeding so I think it’d be a must have for those who love liquid lipsticks and don’t like how they have the tendency to gather in the natural lines of your lips.

Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare

Giorgio Armani Prima Refreshing Makeup Fix £30

Even on perfectly balanced skin, as the hours go by, external factors can prevent make-up from lasting all day long: the make-up glow doesn’t last and smudges, losing its impact. The Armani Prima Refreshing Make-Up Fix sets make-up, so it keeps your morning-fresh face all day long. 

This airy mist creates a light veil that protects the skin against external factors and helps boost the benefits of make-up all day long. It refreshes, protects and sets in just one gesture.”

This was the product I was most looking forward to trying within the Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare collection as I’m on the hunt for a non-stinging fixing mist and this one had a lot of potential as it claims to protect the skin as well as providing extreme hold to your makeup. The spray dispenser is really good that it emits a fine, even mist all over your face without leaving any frustrating wet patches on your skin, and it has a subtle fresh scent which smells a little like Aloe Vera but I can’t be 100% sure as I do have a cold at the moment.

I definitely find the mix to be refreshing and I like to apply it once my makeup’s looking a little patchy or I’m feeling weary to help pep up the skin and refresh the senses. As a makeup setting spray, I find it best to apply it to my Beauty Blender prior to applying foundation and finishing with a light mist to sandwich my makeup in place which prolongs the longevity of my makeup, and prevents my blush and highlighter from fading before lunch.

Have you tried anything from the Giorgio Armani Prima Advance Skincare collection?

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